User Support Series: Guide to the Dashboard

By Dylan Holmes    |    October 03, 2013    |    Development and Testing, Product Development

In this edition of the user support series we're going to walk through the Skytap Dashboard. The dashboard was recently redesigned from the ground up. We focused our efforts on...


A Look at the Expert Predictions for VMworld 2013

By Julie Riedel    |    August 08, 2013    |    Development and Testing, Product Development, IT Operations

It’s never too early to start planning for VMworld. The Skytap team is always excited to attend an event where so many great companies are emerging with great products....


Dev/Test: A 5-Step Process for Tuning out the Cloud Hype

By Alex Burreson    |    May 16, 2013    |    Development and Testing

Over the past few years it would have been hard to miss the slow and systematic outsourcing of certain parts of corporate IT. The primary solution has been cloud computingâ€...


Instant Remote Access to Skytap Virtual Machines

By Scott Carpenter    |    April 01, 2013    |    Development and Testing, Product Development

One of the coolest and most powerful features of Skytap is the ability to create a virtual data center and start interacting with its virtual machines (VMs) in just a...


Balancing Public and Private with a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

By Brett Goodwin    |    December 05, 2012    |    Product Development

In a new article, Network World has named 2013 the year of the hybrid cloud. The article also includes 10 predictions by industry analysts, and two in particular caught my eye. Prediction #1:...


Skytap ESXi Multi-Machine Templates a Hot Product at VMworld

By Julie Riedel    |    August 28, 2012    |    Product Development

​NetworkWorld has named Skytap ESXi Multi-Machine Templates a hot product at VMworld. Announced on August 22, our ESXi Multi-Machine Templates enable users to spin up a virtual machine in Skytap Cloud...


New Hybrid Cloud Capabilities Extend Support for Enterprises Running VMware

By Julie Riedel    |    August 22, 2012    |    Product Development

Today Skytap is proud to announce new hybrid cloud capabilities that extend support for enterprises running VMware. “Many IT organizations are adopting public cloud computing for IT services such as...


Networking Perspectives: How It’s Done at Skytap

By Pete Holland    |    May 18, 2012    |    Development and Testing, Product Development

In the first part of this piece, Networking Perspectives: OpenStack v CloudStack, I discussed some of the primary differences between the network architectures of OpenStack and CloudStack. A key point...