Notes from VMWorld 2014: Shifting the Focus to Development and Test

By Seth Payne    |    August 27, 2014    |    Development and Testing, IT Operations

​A consistent theme here at VMworld 2014 has been development and testing. Specifically, how IT operations can deliver the development, test, continuous integration, staging, and ultimately production environments that software development...


Skytap Adds Templates to Public Library to Support Cloudera and Hadoop

By Julie Riedel    |    January 16, 2013    |    Product Development

Pre-configured enterprise templates that support Cloudera® and Apache™ Hadoop® are now available in the Skytap Cloud public template library. With this release, our enterprise customers gain on-demand, self-service access to...


Networking Perspectives: Nicira, VMware, and Open Source

By Pete Holland    |    November 15, 2012    |    Development and Testing, IT Operations

In July, VMware acquired Nicira in what was, to many, a shocking move (or at least at a shocking price point), but in fairly quick retrospect it was understood to...


Networking Perspectives: How It’s Done at Skytap

By Pete Holland    |    May 18, 2012    |    Development and Testing, Product Development

In the first part of this piece, Networking Perspectives: OpenStack v CloudStack, I discussed some of the primary differences between the network architectures of OpenStack and CloudStack. A key point...


Networking Perspectives: OpenStack v CloudStack

By Pete Holland    |    May 09, 2012    |    Development and Testing, Product Development

In early April, OpenStack released the Essex version of its stack software. Citrix, two days prior, announced their release of the CloudStack project under the Apache2 license, creating a genuinely...