Virtual Machines


Webinar On-Demand: The Software Virtualization Lifecycle

By Noel Wurst    |    June 18, 2014    |    Development and Testing, Product Development, IT Operations

​A top focus for application development today is on acceleration, but faster is not always equal to better. The bigger challenge is to improve both the speed and quality of...


How DevOps Helps Move Your Automated Testing to the Cloud

By Sumit Mehrotra    |    September 24, 2013    |    Development and Testing, IT Operations

I recently had an article published on entitled: How DevOps Helps Move Your Automated Testing to the Cloud. The subject of development and testing in the cloud is...


Video Tutorial: Skytap Cloud Virtual Machine Access Methods

By Dylan Holmes    |    September 10, 2013    |    Product Development

Today we're highlighting Skytap Cloud™ Access Methods. There are four methods for accessing your virtual machines in Skytap Cloud: SmartClient™ Publish URLs Publish Services Public IPs The most common method...


Using the Skytap Virtual Machine Metadata Service

By Tom Milligan    |    August 19, 2013    |    Product Development

On August 6, 2013, Skytap announced the availability of a Skytap metadata service that allows access to Skytap-specific virtual machine (VM) metadata from within a running VM. This allows you to leverage...


Video Tutorial: Skytap Templates and Configurations

By Dylan Holmes    |    July 08, 2013    |    Product Development

​Templates are the starting point for all new configurations within Skytap Cloud. Think of them as 'read-only blueprints' for configurations. A template can be as simple as a single virtual...


With Cloud Computing, Every Minute Counts

By Sumit Mehrotra    |    June 25, 2013    |    Development and Testing, IT Operations

Benjamin Franklin coined the enduring phrase 'Time is money.' That was more than 2 centuries ago and it is particularly apt when describing cloud computing today. A defining characteristic of...


Enable DevOps by Rapidly Provisioning IBM Build Machines in Skytap Cloud

By Julie Riedel    |    May 30, 2013    |    Development and Testing, Product Development, IT Operations

Today we're proud to announce the availability of the Skytap Automation Pack for IBM Rational Team Concert—a unique solution that enables IT operations and development teams to rapidly provision...


Using the Skytap Cloud Command Line Interface VM Template

By Tom Milligan    |    April 18, 2013    |    Product Development

In the April 2013 release of Skytap Cloud, we announced the availability of the public beta Skytap Cloud command line interface (CLI). Documentation for the Skytap Cloud CLI is installed along...


Ask a Skytap Engineer: Lonnie Hutchinson

By Julie Riedel    |    April 15, 2013    |    Product Development

For this edition of the 'Ask a Skytap Engineer' series, I spoke with Lonnie Hutchinson, Senior Architect with Skytap. Lonnie focuses on provisioning and orchestration. Prior to joining Skytap, he...


Skytap Experts to Speak at Spring Development and Testing Conferences

By Julie Riedel    |    April 10, 2013    |    Software Demos, Virtual Training, Development and Testing

This spring, Skytap experts will be discussing enterprise cloud computing trends and showcasing award-winning software at a number of industry events, including Camp IT, SharePointlandia, STAREAST, and IBM Innovate. We'll...