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Training in the Cloud: An Interview with Lee Orrick

By Noel Wurst    |    December 26, 2013    |    Virtual Training

Lee Orrick from F5 sits down to discuss how F5 made the decision to move their training to the cloud, in order to relieve some of the pain points—cost, ...


Skytap Leadership at Upcoming Industry Events

By Julie Riedel    |    August 06, 2013    |    Software Demos, Virtual Training, Development and Testing, IT Operations

In the coming months, Skytap leadership will be attending a number of industry events, including Agile 2013, VMworld, Camp IT, and STARWEST. The Skytap team will be providing live demonstrations of...


Virtual Training: How to Find Your Easy Button

By Ryan Cauthron    |    April 23, 2013    |    Virtual Training

I recently did a piece for on how training organizations can create scalable, component-based virtual training solutions that will pivot around their specific needs. For most trainers, life...


Companies Enjoying Big Success with Hybrid Cloud

By David Davis    |    April 22, 2013    |    Software Demos, Virtual Training, Development and Testing

The previous three posts in this series covered Is this the Start of a Hybrid Cloud Revolution?, How to Build a Hybrid Cloud, and What Does a Hybrid Cloud Look...


Skytap Experts to Speak at Spring Development and Testing Conferences

By Julie Riedel    |    April 10, 2013    |    Software Demos, Virtual Training, Development and Testing

This spring, Skytap experts will be discussing enterprise cloud computing trends and showcasing award-winning software at a number of industry events, including Camp IT, SharePointlandia, STAREAST, and IBM Innovate. We'll...


Virtual Training Made Easy in the Cloud

By Jordan Kisor    |    April 05, 2013    |    Virtual Training

​Recently, I wrote a piece for that talked about the questions and concerns being raised by organizations interested in transitioning to cloud-based virtual training. From the article:Training...


Getting an Integration Back on Track in 90 Seconds—Cloud Style

By Matt Sousley    |    March 04, 2013    |    Software Demos, Product Development

Building integration packs often requires that partners work closely to bring their products together. However, trying to get both parties together on a schedule can be tricky. Any hiccups along...


The Impact of the Cloud on Virtual Training

By Jordan Kisor    |    January 28, 2013    |    Virtual Training

Recently on, I talked about trends in enterprise training. Not only is training moving to the cloud, but the ideas of on-demand and automation have taken on whole...


Tenable Scales its Virtual Training with Cloud Automation, Part 2

By Nate Odell    |    January 17, 2013    |    Virtual Training

In Part 1 of the Tenable case study, we learned that as the training demand at Tenable Network Security grew rapidly, IT could no longer effectively service the Training Organization, so...


Best Practices for Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

By Julie Riedel    |    December 12, 2012    |    Software Demos, Virtual Training, Development and Testing

Today we're revisiting our series on the topic of choosing a cloud service provider. Many cloud providers have a hands-off approach to partnering with customers—so Alex Burreson, our West...