NetworkWorld Hot Product: Skytap Virtual Private PaaS with Cloud Foundry v2

By Julie Riedel    |    August 29, 2013    |    Development and Testing, Product Development, IT Operations

​This week during VMworld we saw the best and brightest in virtualization and cloud computing descend on the city of San Francisco. It was a mix of IT technical professionals...


Still Looking for a Lab Manager Replacement?

By Julie Riedel    |    August 15, 2013    |    Development and Testing, IT Operations

Are you part of an organization that is currently running vCenter Lab Manager? You're not alone. When VMware announced its decision to discontinue additional major releases of the product, it...


Busted! 5 Cloud Computing Myths

By Brian White    |    August 12, 2013    |    Development and Testing, IT Operations

The cloud hype cycle continues to swirl, and now that larger enterprises are wading in, the messages coming through can be pretty confusing. I work with a lot of companies...


A Look at the Expert Predictions for VMworld 2013

By Julie Riedel    |    August 08, 2013    |    Development and Testing, Product Development, IT Operations

It’s never too early to start planning for VMworld. The Skytap team is always excited to attend an event where so many great companies are emerging with great products....


The Best of 2013 (So Far)

By Julie Riedel    |    July 03, 2013    |    Product Development

​As we pass the midpoint of 2013, we're revisiting the most popular content on the Skytap blog. Across the cloud computing industry as a whole, people wrote about things like why...


Your Guide to Replacing VMware Lab Manager

By Julie Riedel    |    January 21, 2013    |    Development and Testing, Product Development

In the wake of VMware’s decision to discontinue vCenter Lab Manager, our new guide examines the benefits and considerations of various replacement strategies. The guide mentions the risks involved...


Balancing Public and Private with a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

By Brett Goodwin    |    December 05, 2012    |    Product Development

In a new article, Network World has named 2013 the year of the hybrid cloud. The article also includes 10 predictions by industry analysts, and two in particular caught my eye. Prediction #1:...


Adding Cloud Infrastructure to Your Automated Dev/Test Environment

By David Davis    |    November 28, 2012    |    Development and Testing, IT Operations

When most people think about using a public infrastructure cloud, it’s usually for an Internet-facing application like a company web server. And if you've ever considered a public infrastructure...


Considering Your Lab Manager Replacement

By David Davis    |    November 20, 2012    |    Development and Testing, IT Operations

In my first post of this series I discussed how important it is to replace the deprecated VMware Lab Manager with a new solution. This is especially true with Lab...


The Cloud Foundry Open Source Project and Skytap Cloud

By Julie Riedel    |    November 08, 2012    |    Product Development

​Cloud Foundry recently released a great piece of video from this year's VMworld. In it, Andy Piper from the VMware Cloud Foundry Developer Relations Team talks with George Stamos, Cloud...