About Skytap

Skytap helps dev and test teams build better software faster. Skytap Cloud provides self-service access to production-like environments, enabling dev/test teams to test more frequently.  Our collaboration tools enable development teams to identify, share and reproduce software defects significantly faster. Skytap provides IT with full visibility and control in order to enable dev/test teams to be effective while avoiding infrastructure sprawl and runaway costs.


Skytap Cloud is an enterprise service purpose built for development and testing of complex applications. Customers can import existing virtualized applications or build new applications in the cloud. Skytap Cloud can be easily accessed through any modern web browser, REST-based API, Command Line Interface (CLI), or ALM tool (Jenkins, Visual Studio TFS, etc.)


Over 250 enterprise and mid-market customers have deployed more than three million virtual machines in Skytap Cloud. Customers including Boeing, IBM, Cushman & Wakefield, Ellie Mae, Serena Software, and Open Text use Skytap Cloud for application development and testing, virtual training, and software demos. See www.skytap.com/customers


2006 Skytap founded to pioneer intuitive cloud computing

2008 Skytap Cloud service introduced

2010 100 enterprise customers; version 20 of Skytap Cloud

2011 Skytap introduces advanced networking to support complex, interconnected application development.

2012 150 enterprise customers; 1 Million Virtual Machines launched

2013 250 enterprise customers; 3 Million Virtual Machines launched

2013 Skytap announces support for environments running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure

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