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We are living in an incredibly exciting time and in a world that is innovating faster than ever. The market is rapidly evolving and business models are being disrupted, even replaced. Enterprise businesses in particular need to build, test and release better software faster to gain a competitive edge. They however lack the internal resources to enable their development and test teams to find bugs early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC); collaborate on complex environments and provide IT with complete visibility, control and security. This all presents tremendous opportunities for Skytap and our partners.

As a Skytap Partner, you are critical to helping us exploit the explosive application development market by delivering innovative cloud services to accelerate the time it takes for customers to develop, test and release better software applications. TapIn to the Skytap Partner Program today and reap these and other benefits:

Incredible Market Opportunity

$8.9B market with the cloud segment growing at 22%

Innovative Technology With Proven ROI

Build, test and release better software faster with Skytap

Rewards and Revenue

Earn generous margins along with strong sales and marketing support

Partner Programs

Business Partner Program

National and regional partners that market, sell, service and support cloud services

Global Outsourcing & System Integrator Program

Global advisory and consulting firms that influence customer decisions

Technology Alliance Program (TAP)

Hardware and software vendors that enhance the value proposition of our solution

Powered by Skytap Program

Technology providers that desire to embed our IP to enrich their solution