• Tenable Network Security

    With our previous on-site only options, we were limited to classes of only 10 students. With Skytap Cloud, we can scale our instructor-led and our self-paced training resources to meet whatever demand we may see. We’ve already scaled to providing training for hundreds of students at a time and we know we can scale to beyond that if needed.

    — David P., Director of Training at Tenable Network Security

  • Serena Software

    “We initially used Skytap Cloud for our research and development teams, but quickly found that the solution had other applications outside of our software development and test organization. By using Skytap Cloud across the business, we significantly reduced our go-to-market timeline and can now demonstrate our products directly through Skytap Cloud to shorten sales cycles.”

    — Ken S., Senior Systems Administrator, Serena Software

  • OSIsoft

    Skytap is really complementary to our internal environments and provides a seamless addition to our existing infrastructure. Our IT Operations team needed to find a way to integrate securely with the public cloud. Skytap Cloud really makes our lives easier.

    — T. Martinez, IT Technical Lead, OSIsoft

  • Hewlett-Packard

    Organizations moving their applications to the cloud require a solution that allows all stakeholders across development teams to accelerate and manage application delivery. The integration of Skytap with HP ALM gives application development teams a single tool to collaborate in the cloud, helping to further reduce application delivery cycles and significantly lower costs.

    — Jonathan R., General Manager and Vice President, Applications, Software, HP

  • Cushman & Wakefield

    Creating an agile IT environment is a core competitive advantage that has allowed us to adapt to changing business conditions in the real estate software and services industry. By using the Skytap Cloud for our development and test environments, our software release cycles are faster and more efficient, which allows our professionals to service their clients’ needs even better. The cloud model has proven to be transformative to our business in just a short period of time.

    — Leif M., Senior Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield.

  • Schneider Electric

    "Skytap has enabled us to deliver instructor-led online training to students globally. Their infrastructure allows us to add/remove students on the fly and accommodates our complex classroom domain set-up in the cloud. Their top-notch support and product team has also implemented several features based on our feedback."

    — -An Nguyen, ​ Business Systems Analyst​ at Schneider Electric​

  • Vertex

    With Skytap we have the virtual machines we need to give our students an authentic hands-on experience. We no longer are limited to slide decks and simulations. Skytap has helped us by providing the cloud infrastructure we needed in order to provide effective virtual instruction and certification programs.

    — Mark S., Manager, Customer Education, Vertex

  • OpenText

    Skytap is a game-changer for OpenText. Our sales team can now instantly conduct sophisticated demos of our software whether they are remote or onsite with the customer. By moving to the Skytap Cloud, we have improved the customer evaluation experience and shortened our sales cycle.

    — Neil W., Technical Marketing Manager, OpenText

  • Hargis Engineers

    Skytap was the only cloud solution that allowed us to be up and running immediately in the event of a disaster. Our customers can rest assured that we have a business continuity plan backed by a highly scalable solution that can be activated with 100 percent reliability.

    — Chris S., Principal, Hargis Engineers, Inc.

  • Nuance Communications

    On the operations side, we needed minimal conflicts with customer firewalls, a quick learning curve for instructors and administrators, and the ability to scale up or down as necessary. Skytap met all our defined requirements and more.

    — Deanne H., Senior Manager, Nuance Speech University

  • Coinstar

    Our developers need to have the ability to quickly provision development environments and to just as quickly destroy the environments when no longer needed. Skytap Cloud is enabling teams across several different lines of business to augment staff and resources as needed. We were able to go form zero servers to 70 servers in less than a month. Before Skytap this would have been impossible with our previous infrastructure capabilities.

    — Nelson C., Manager IT Systems Engineering and Architecture, Coinstar

  • Calypso

    After only a few months of working with Skytap, we saw tremendous success. We’re now aiming to expand our use case to all support and QA teams who have expressed interest in Skytap’s unique snapshot capabilities and highly configurable environments. Development teams have also gravitated towards Skytap and once the engineering teams got wind that we were doing internal demos, they too were begging for cloud environments so that they too could be more productive.

    — Tim M., Director of Engineering, Calypso

  • Support dot com

    Skytap is the equivalent of a 'NASA Mission Control' for our training operations. It gives us a real-time view of training classes in progress, while providing self-service access for instructors and students.

    — Trainer & Technical Specialist, Support.Com

  • EllieMae

    Skytap provides us with far greater flexibility than a physical IT lab. Testing our software on client platforms, such as Windows 7, can be achieved without waiting for IT operations to manually provision machines. Skytap's self-service model and pre-built virtual machine templates means my team can provision a new test environment in minutes.

    — Ron Y., Director, Quality Assurance, Ellie Mae

  • ITS Delivers

    I purchased a Dell Mini 9, with 1 GB of RAM in it for personal use and travel with it. With Skytap, all I need is an internet connection for great, rocking demos of an Altiris solution that requires 7 virtual machines! Great service guys, now my bag is lighter when I travel.

    — Practice Principle, ITS Delivers