• Webinar
    Webinar: Automate Your Environment Provisioning for Mobile App Development

    ​Enterprises are currently facing new challenges in developing and delivering quality mobile apps quickly, efficiently and securely. Additionally, according to Forrester, there will be 700% more mobile development projects than web development projects in 2015. With all of this rapid development, how can you build test environments quickly enough to support your mobile app development?

    In this webinar, Skyap and Orasi explore how you can provide more complete test coverage for your mobile applications.

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    Webinar: Creating Complete Test Environments in the Cloud

    ​Service virtualization enables development and testing teams to test earlier and test less using simulated, virtual environments. This solution closes the gap with incomplete dev/test environments and allows teams to access the exact environments they need, when needed. By streamlining environment provisioning, it reduces cost, decreases risk, and allows faster time to market.


Download this complimentary webinar from Skytap and Parasoft now and learn how to to combine service virtualization with cloud-based dev/test environments.

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    Webinar: Software Virtualization Lifecycle

    ​A top focus for application development today is on acceleration, but faster is not always equal to better. The bigger challenge is to improve both the speed and quality of software releases. By utilizing virtualization technology, specifically service virtualization and virtual dev/test labs, in software development life cycles companies can increase test coverage in less time and ultimately produce better software faster.

  • Webinar
    Webinar: The 4 Dimensions of Value in Cloud Dev/Test Environments

    ​Every company's IT stakeholders set different priorities for realizing value from software delivery. In this webinar, Skytap helps frame this discussion around four key dimensions of value that customers can realize through the use of dev/test clouds.

  • Webinar
    Webinar: The Concept of Hybrid Applications

    ​With the growth of cloud computing, technical managers are looking for ways to leverage this emerging platform to improve performance, reduce costs, and better serve their users. This webinar will focus on the concept of “Hybrid Applications”; applications that take advantage of the latest cloud technologies while still retaining on-premise legacy systems. Specific examples of hybrid applications will be presented and discussed in order to show how development and IT managers can begin migration to the cloud.

  • Webinar
    Webinar: Preparing for VMware Lab Manager End of Life

    ​VMware will officially end support for its Lab Manager product this month. Due to its popularity, Lab Manager is still being used extensively by software development and testing teams. As a result, many of these teams are searching for a lab management solution that will provide them the same key features and benefits as Lab Manager.

    This webinar reviews the essential aspects of leveraging virtualization for dev/test and will discuss how Skytap, a SaaS platform purpose-built for dev/test teams, can be used to support and enhance the same workflows supported by VMware Lab Manager.

  • Webinar
    Webinar: How to Enable SAP Agility and Get the Most Out of the Cloud

    ​Emergys and Skytap are partnering together to ensure that customers are getting the most out of the cloud—particularly as it pertains to their business critical, enterprise applications like SAP. This informative webinar reviews how these two companies leverage the cloud to empower your business to:

    • Rapidly enable optimized business processes and applications without capital expenditure
    • Enable significant TCO benefits by performing development, testing and training in the cloud
    • Accelerate business innovation and embrace consumer experience in your business through cloud-delivered platform as a service
  • Webinar
    Tips to achieve continuous integration/delivery using HP ALM, Jenkins, and Skytap

    ​To gain a competitive advantage in today's hyper competitive markets, businesses must constantly strive to develop, test, and release better software faster. This is made possible by means of continuously integrating, testing, and delivering new applications.

    In this webinar, Skytap and Orasi will share tips to improve software quality and velocity with the automated creation and management of on-demand, scalable test environments. It will focus on best practices for continuous integration through the joint use of HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Jenkins and Skytap.

  • Webinar
    The Path To Continuous Integration with Team Foundation Server and Skytap

    ​Businesses today strive to continuously develop, build, deploy, test, and release better software faster. But they are often faced with a challenge: how do you enable an engineering team to use their preferred ALM tools and processes to seamlessly integrate on-premise and cloud infrastructure?

    In this webinar, Crosslake, an enabler of software engineering excellence, and Skytap will share their ideas for how to improve software quality and velocity with the automated creation and management of on-demand, scalable test environments. We will focus on cloud-enabled ALM through the joint use of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Skytap.

  • Webinar
    Continuous Integration, Build, and Test Automation with Skytap and Jenkins

    ​The Skytap CI plugin for Jenkins provides development and test teams with a powerful tool to rapidly deploy complex environments form template, run build/test workflows, and then tear down environments once builds/tests are complete. Watch this webinar that dives into how Skytap and Jenkins can help you build better software faster. 

  • Webinar
    Achieving Continuous Integration & Automated Testing With Skytap Cloud

    ​For many companies, Continuous Integration (CI) – the practice of frequently integrating developers’ new or changed code with the existing code repository so that there is no intervening window between code commit and build, and so that no errors can arise without developers noticing them and correcting them immediately – represents the ultimate model for modern software application development and testing. Cloud computing, with its inherent characteristics of elasticity, scale, self-service, and on-demand automation, is increasingly being adopted as a way to realize the full potential of Agile development and to move towards a model of Continuous Integration. Download and watch this webinar presented by Visual Studio Magazine and sponsored by Skytap. We will walk you through cloud enabled ALM with continuous integration and automated testing for today's Enterprise development teams.

    Duration: 1 hour

  • Webinar
    Cloud Enabled ALM: Continuous Integration & Automated Testing

    ​Cloud computing, with its inherent characteristics of elasticity, scale, self-service, and on-demand automation, is increasingly being adopted as a way to realize the full potential of Agile development and to move towards a model of Continuous Integration.

    But a key question remains: How can developers and testers use their preferred ALM tools and processes in place today and seamlessly integrate on-premise and cloud infrastructure to achieve sustained increases in speed, agility, and team productivity? Sumit Mehrotra, Director of Product Management for Skytap will walk us through cloud enabled ALM with continuous integration and automated testing in today's Enterprise development teams.

    Duration: 1 hour

  • Webinar
    Extending Private Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud Computing

    Hybrid cloud computing is predicted to be one of the top 10 strategic technologies for 2012. Gartner describes cloud computing as “a disruptive force,” with “the potential for broad long-term impact in most industries,” as enterprises start to aggressively pursue cloud computing options.

    The hybrid cloud computing model has particular appeal for businesses interested in moving between public and private cloud freely and securely. Join this informative 45 minute webcast sponsored by Skytap to learn how enterprise IT can quickly gain operational benefits of flexibility, agility, and quicker time to market with secure hybrid cloud computing.

    Duration: 1 hour

  • Webinar
    Cloud Enabled Development: Putting the Agile into the Infrastructure

    As software development teams seek greater efficiency and effectiveness, they often find that they are held back by old IT architecture for development and test. They wrestle with low-powered servers, difficult-to-scale static environments, and a slow IT provisioning and change processes.

    Software leaders have radically changed the way they build, test, and deploy software—almost exclusively using cloud computing to power their development processes. Some teams report benefits of 75% faster development cycles with 70% lower operating costs. Brian White provides specifics on which application workloads are ideal for the cloud model and how the use of cloud computing supports Agile development practices.

    Duration: 1 hour

  • Webinar
    Google, IDC and Skytap Discuss Cloud-based Automated Development and Testing Framework

    Shipping high quality software on time and on budget is a tough challenge. Development and test teams struggle with:

    • Getting access to scalable IT environments that support multiple OS, DB and testing tools
    • Gaining the ability to reproduce exact load test and customer scenarios that allows them to focus on what changed.

    The Google Chrome team faced a similar challenge. They moved to the cloud model and developed a "test bot" framework that uses Skytap. As a result, they are able to skip >95% of test work that isn't interesting because it hasn't changed.

    Join this webinar to learn how Jason Arbon from Google created his innovative cloud based "testing bots" approach. In addition, Melinda Ballou from IDC will discuss how cloud computing is changing the automated development and testing landscape.

    Sundar Raghavan will share successes that other customers such as Calypso, Serena, and LANDesk are experiencing with Skytap to reduce testing costs by 70% or more.

    Duration: 1 hour

  • Webinar
    Upgrade your IT skills with DevOps principles

    DevOps is quickly becoming the new process for leading IT organizations that are enabling development teams to embrace agile methodology and launch new applications faster. The old model of "throwing it over the fence" to IT to launch new apps, takes several months and can cost thousands of dollars. Smarter IT professionals are upgrading their IT skills and leading the Cloud IT change to make processes move smoother and faster.

    Upgrade your skills by viewing this web seminar and learn:

    • What is DevOps and why is it important?
    • How does DevOps enable DevTest teams to ship quality software faster?
    • How do DevOps principles impact security, reliability and performance considerations?
    • Who is applying DevOps principles successfully? What are the key factors?
    • What cloud solutions support DevOps skills development and testing?

    Duration: 1 hour

  • Webinar
    Tips For Successfully Developing and Testing Applications in The Cloud

    In this On-Demand Webinar you will learn how to:

    • Run your applications without any code or architectural changes
    • Test new versions of applications in production-like virtual data centers
    • Conduct multiple usability and user acceptance tests in parallel
    • Validate across multiple applications
    • Implement migration checklists and best practices
    • Create application labs in the cloud and reduce costs by 70% or more

    With Skytap Cloud each development team can leverage the flexibility and the cost advantages of the cloud and seamlessly integrate with existing dev/test tools and processes. At the same time, managers maintain complete visibility and control of each environment.

    Duration: 1 hour