Skytap Cloud

Skytap helps enterprise development and testing teams build better software faster. The Skytap Cloud provides self-service access to production-like environments, enabling dev/test teams to test code more frequently.  Our collaboration tools enable development teams to identify, share and reproduce software defects significantly faster. Skytap Cloud also provides IT with full visibility and control in order to enable dev/test teams to be effective while avoiding infrastructure sprawl and runaway costs.

Skytap removes application development inefficiencies

  • Inability to test thoroughly due to the scarcity of environments.
  • Days spent requesting & waiting for test environments.
  • Hours manually reproducing defects reported by QA

Reduce risk and maintain control while delivering on the needs of the business

With Skytap Cloud you can easily mirror production environments before every change so that application code is automatically tested. Developers and test engineers can get instant access to on-demand test environments. This eliminates the need for dev/teams to hold onto resources when not being utilized and therefore prevents expensive infrastructure sprawl. 

Skytap enables IT with robust visibility and control features to track resource utilization for each project. Now more than ever, development teams can get resources they need when they need them and IT maintains visibility, control and security over cloud resources with quotas, metering and reporting capabilities.