Solutions Overview

Download the Skytap DevTest Solution Datasheet

Today’s enterprise and mid-market organizations face many challenges in a rapidly changing business world. Preparing for unpredictable compute demand without keeping a substantial reserve of often idle hardware and software can be a costly and logistical nightmare for IT. At the same time, line of business owners such as application development managers, test engineers, QA managers, software training managers, and sales engineers all face their own set of unique challenges. However, they all have one need in common: instant access to fast, easy, and secure cloud resources.

Whether providing extra capacity for peak demand, or extending all the benefits of virtualized infrastructure beyond your datacenter, Skytap Cloud gives enterprises a fast, easy, and secure way to create complex computing environments in the cloud. In fact, Skytap Cloud is purpose-built for dynamic workloads including:

With Skytap Cloud, end users are empowered to create cloud-based virtual environments in seconds; run applications without code changes; and collaborate globally with an easy-to-use, powerful, self-service web interface. IT professionals gain complete visibility and control over cloud deployments, so they can ensure security and easily manage allocated capacity across teams and users.

Development and Testing

Cloud computing is about more than just managing virtual machines (VMs). It is about the entire virtual environment and development teams collaborating to produce great software. You can bring your existing applications, tools, and processes completely intact to Skytap Cloud. Software Development teams can:

  • Create complex environments with 100s of VMs and multiple networks
  • Gain desktop access to VMs without exposing them on the public Internet
  • Suspend and resume multi-VM environments in seconds
  • Run multiple environments in parallel without resource constraints or IP conflicts
  • Publish secure desktop access to environments using a simple URL

Using Skytap Cloud, developers can easily create multiple development and test environments and run them in parallel. Test engineers can scale load testing and performance testing on-demand. Learn more.

Download the Skytap DevTest Solution Datasheet

Hybrid Cloud/IT

A hybrid cloud strategy can create opportunities for IT to better align costs with resource allocation and maintain visibility and control of users, policies, applications, budget, and security. This can be easily achieved leveraging the Skytap Cloud secure VPN connection (via IPsec), which can be created in under 10 minutes using Skytap AutoNetworks™ technology. Because Skytap Cloud serves as a secure extension of on-premise infrastructure, customers have flexibility to migrate additional resource elements into Skytap Cloud, easily and securely. Learn more.

Virtual Training

Training managers in today's leading organizations are required to set up and maintain multiple training classes that require complex software, hardware and network configurations. Alternatively, computers can be loaded with software and training materials and shipped to customer sites. These endeavors are expensive, time consuming, and often get minimal IT support. With Skytap Cloud, there are no machines to purchase, internal networks to configure, or hardware and software to transport. When you use Skytap Cloud, you can:

  • Reduce classroom lab environment build time from weeks to less than a few hours
  • Empower students with access anytime and anywhere using a self-service web UI
  • Run multiple virtual training classes simultaneously
  • Give students the ability to learn in both synchronous and asynchronous virtual environments
  • Access and customize ready-to-use environments or upload your own virtual machine images

You can centrally manage all virtual classroom environments, student and trainer access, usage, and security policies. Remotely connecting to any student virtual machine to take 'over the shoulder' access is delivered in a single mouse click. Learn more.

Software Demos and Evaluations

Today's enterprise and mid-market organizations have high-value clients who seek personalized software demonstration experiences. Sales engineers are often caught between the desire to create compelling software demos and the reality of slow machines, complex set-up, and limited IT support. In addition, shipping multiple software demo machines or traveling with them to customer locations is costly, resource draining, and time consuming. This distracts sales engineers from their core mission - showing what their software does best, and winning more business. With Skytap Cloud, you can:

  • Easily move your software demo and evaluation environments to the cloud
  • Instantly build, customize, and deploy a demo environment in seconds
  • Create and share unlimited copies of your software demo environment globally
  • Conduct multiple software demos or POCs in parallel

With Skytap Cloud, sales engineers and consultants can set up software demos and proof of concept environments instantly. They can easily configure and manage multiple environments concurrently and share access over the Internet to clients without relying on the client's hardware or IT team. Learn more.

Other Solutions

While Skytap Cloud is purpose-built for development and testing, software demos, and virtual training, our customers also leverage the power of Skytap Cloud for other use cases, including: