Software Testing and QA

Accelerate Software Testing With Dynamic, On-Demand Dev/Test Environments

Skytap Cloud accelerates software application testing with centralized on-demand build and test software stacks, tools, load balancers, web servers, databases, and cross platform server operating systems available to QA teams and test engineers directly from any web browser or command line interface. Over one hundred commonly used software and virtual appliances are available from a pre-loaded library and any existing virtualized workloads or testing tools can be easily imported into Skytap Cloud.

Skytap Cloud is Ideal For:

  • Unit/Functional Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Browser Compatibility
  • OS Compatibility
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Skytap Cloud is specifically designed for iterative testing throughout the application lifecycle. Skytap Cloud integrates with solutions such as Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. Developers and testers are equipped with complete build-deploy-test (BDT) workflows leveraging Skytap Cloud as your on-demand, cloud-based lab testing environment. Complete “golden master” virtualized configurations with specific software stacks, settings, and network configurations can be saved as reusable templates to automate rapid testing environment creation and parallel work streams. Complete configurations can be spun up, run, suspended, and torn down in seconds. Programmatic automation of recurring processes in an end-to-end application lifecycle process can be easily implemented using a fully documented REST-based API.

Benefits For Developers and Testers:

  • Instant self-service, easy creation of complex, multi-tier virtual hardware and software configurations comprised of domain controllers, load balancers, web servers, application servers, operating systems, and databases
  • Save complete multi-machine configurations as unique reusable templates for the rapid re-creation and on-demand use of complex development and testing environments
  • Integrate with leading testing software tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, HP ALM, etc.
  • Reduce time setting up and configuring systems with self-service access to a pool of standardized software testing resources
  • Deploy version controlled software stacks managed as a secure library for consistency across the development, build, and test cycles
  • Create custom continuous integration environments
  • Build “gold master” templates and stamp out identical complete complex configurations for development and testing projects to support increased standardization and parallel work streams
  • Secure remote access from any browser or device using SmartClient™
  • Share complete development configurations to remote registered users via one-click URL publishing of configurations while maintaining security
  • Automate complex operations with Skytap Cloud's REST-based API

Benefits For IT I/O Professionals:

  • Enable simple and easy to create environments specifically built for software application testing
  • Create a secure, hybrid cloud with a single-click, IPsec VPN or Direct Connect for all environments
  • Enforce network isolation and control on-premise enterprise user access
  • Maintain complete IT visibility and control – role-based access, quotas, notifications, and reporting
  • Empower end user teams to easily create and clone complete testing environments and seamlessly migrate these workloads back to on-premise infrastructure at any time