Changes to our IBM i license price model

Effective June 2022, Skytap will change IBM i license prices for all regions. Currently, IBM i prices are based on vCPU usage. After the change, they will be based on the industry standard for Power computing: entitled capacity. Customers will still be able to license IBM i hourly or monthly.  These changes will enable Skytap

Rational Tools now available on Skytap for IBMi customers

IBM i customers on Skytap who run development and test workloads or those who require compilers for their applications when moving to Skytap can now license the Rational Development Tools package self-service from the Skytap Hardware Settings page, Licensing section. Clicking on the Edit icon, users can now specify how many users they’d like to

Skytap Introduces VM host pinning

One of the biggest challenges IBM i (and certain AIX) customers have to deal with is software licensing. The licensing model, adopted by many solutions based on IBM’s Power platform, is steeped in legacy.  You see, back in the day, independent software vendors (ISVs) needed to protect their software from copying and unlicensed use. Before the proliferation of the Internet, there were few effective ways to track software usage.  The most common method

Using Ansible to automate IBM i workloads on Skytap

Ansible is a powerful IT automation engine that helps with cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, and other IT needs through use of a simple declarative language in the form of Ansible Playbooks. In June this year, IBM announced the support for Ansible to manage IBM i instances through the Ansible Content for IBM Power

Improvements to IBM Power on Skytap

As the best cloud service for traditional applications, we are continually working to enhance features and functionality, especially for our IBM Power users. In the past few months, we’ve released a number of improved to help customers be more efficient with how they consume IBM Power in Skytap. Let’s take a peek at what’s new:

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