Customer Success Series: GE Healthcare Dramatically Expands Global Training

GEHealthcare copyAt our most recent Customer Advisory Board meeting (see our CAB recap here), we sat down with Douglas McKelvey, Training and Services Readiness Manager at GE Healthcare, to learn how Skytap has helped his team increase the effectiveness of their training “100 fold” and take their classes for medical imaging software to a global audience.

Due to the complexity of GE Healthcare’s medical services and technologies—and their use by healthcare professionals and patients in more than 100 countries—providing a hands-on, interactive training experience is a must. But international shipping costs and hardware being tied up in provisioning/stand-up queues make delivering an effective level of training difficult.

Since moving to Skytap’s virtual training labs and classrooms, Douglas McKelvey and his team are able to ensure that GE Healthcare trainers have the ability to provide fast, easy, and secure training, around the globe, and free from traditional hardware constraints.

See the full case study on how GE Healthcare now imports complete medical application suites into Skytap, and why other GE Healthcare departments are now requesting Skytap environments for themselves!

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