Expanding Collaboration in the Cloud

​Today, Skytap announced support for running Skytap dev/test computing environments on Amazon Web Services infrastructure in addition to Skytap’s own ESX-backed infrastructure. Skytap now supports both native AWS and VMware workloads.

Skytap customers have long-used Skytap Cloud for development and test lab management.  Now, those customers looking to deploy enterprise applications on AWS can manage their dev/test environments on the same platform they will use to run production applications.    

Skytap’s self-service simplicity combined with the power and global reach of AWS will allow dev/test customers to:

  • Easily and quickly create Amazon VPCs from Skytap templates
  • Create rich networking topologies through Skytap’s intuitive user interface
  • Easily and quickly save Amazon VPCs as Skytap templates
  • Provision as many VPC environment clones as needed and on-demand
  • Schedule future creation, deployment, execution, and deletion of VPCs
  • Gain easy desktop access to EC2 instances
  • Improve collaboration with teams by sharing Skytap templates or Amazon VPCs

Skytap’s visibility and control capabilities appeal to IT managers who value auditing, reporting, and controls.  Key visibility and control features delivered by Skytap include:

  • Projects and Collaboration: Create projects with user or group role-based access controls to manage Skytap templates and Amazon resources
  • User Quotas: Assign compute and storage user quotas to ensure appropriate self-management of resource usage
  • Usage notifications:  Setup proactive resource usage notifications to alert administrators or end-users when they are approaching quota limits
  • SSO: Single sign on with standard SAML 2.0 integration to authenticate against on-premise directory services

If you are interested in Skytap’s support for Amazon Web Services infrastructure, please visit:


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