Application Development and Eco-Efficient IT


There’s been a lot of hype around the need for “Green IT” and how computing usage affects the environment. The 451 Group published an excellent report summarizing how IT impacts the environment and actually shows … Read More

VMware prepares to enter the cloud computing market

Skytap posted an article today showing the 5 stages of virtualization adoption predicted by VMware. They call out Skytap and Desktone as two leading companies that are already delivering stage 5 capabilities

On-Site vs. Cloud Blog Discussion


Dan Kusnetzky from ZDNet recently posted an article on his blog listing various vendors that provide test lab and IT prototyping functionality. It’s an interesting debate and we’re obviously big advocates of using a cloud-based … Read More


SkytapSkytap Product

  We just got back from STAREAST in Orlando and had a great experience. We met a huge number of experienced QA and IT professionals and got lots of interest in our Virtual Lab service. … Read More