Skytap introduces Secure Remote Access Client (SRA) Insert Text (Paste) Feature

Secure Remote Access Client Insert Text Feature 

Ever since Skytap launched the Power offering, IBM i customers have been asking for a way to insert long strings of text into the IBM i guest OS. Many command-line statements in IBM i are very long and typing them into the client can be really time-consuming.  

This week, we’ve launched a simple feature to allow users to insert a string of text, up to 313 characters long. You can find the Insert text tool in the SRA console toolbar. 

To insert a string into the IBM i guest OS, copy a string from your local computer, click the Insert text button in the SRA toolbar, paste the string into the Insert text field, and then click Insert text to send it to the guest OS. 

Inserting text this way just takes a fraction of a second. To insert longer strings, just do them in batches of 313 characters at a time. 

That’s it! Short, simple and very useful. 


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