Skytap Mobile Admin App – Now on Android OS

The new Android version of the Skytap Mobile Admin App releases today! This is exciting news, as the iOS version launch on March 31 has been met with enthusiastic reviews for convenience and power, as it lets a Skytap admin monitor, manage, launch and suspend complex development/test and training environments from anywhere, with just a couple clicks on their iPhone.

Skytap Mobile Admin App for Android. We come in peace.
Skytap Mobile Admin App for Android. We come in peace.

With a current global adoption rate greater than 80% among smartphone users (even up to 85%, depending on the source), the Android OS represents the largest audience for our admin app, and we’re glad to have an equivalent product in the Google Play store.

Get the app here: Skytap Admin for Android – Google Play

So this Android version is exactly the same as iOS, right? Well, not exactly – but the minor differences in UI such as menu placement and icon usage were purposeful design decisions that improve user experience.

“Functionally, the Android and iPhone apps are 100% equivalent for managing Skytap environments. But you can’t just take an iOS app and convert it into an Android app,” said Roderick Sauskojus, our principal UX designer, as I looked over his shoulder at slightly different UIs for both devices. “There are different design conventions that Android users expect. As a result, we’ve modeled our Android app around Google’s Material Design styles and principles for an optimal Android experience.”

The new Skytap Mobile Admin App is available for free download on the Google Play store. A current Skytap administrator level login or registered trial account login is required to view or manage cloud-based environments from the app.


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