​If you follow Skytap here on our blog, or on Twitter, LinkedIn, or any of the other places we frequent, you more than likely saw a wealth of information related to our newly launched support for Skytap on Amazon Web Services

But whether you got the news from the initial press release, or Adrian Bridgwater’s recent coverage on Dr. Dobb’s, you may still be wondering, “but how does this help me?” or, “So, what does all of this mean?” 

After taking the time to read, write, edit, publish, and broadcast all of this news, I’ve realized that the answer is really easy, and surprisingly singular. 

Whether you’re a developer, tester, IT operations pro, or even the head of an entire enterprise, Skytap on AWS helps you be much more efficient. It’s really that simple.

Many of our customers, and even more non-customers, are either already using Amazon Web Services, or are planning on moving to AWS in the future. Amazon’s compute power and global reach is massive, and they offer many enterprises an amazing option for their production environments. We at Skytap saw an opportunity to help AWS users build better software even faster—by allowing teams to develop and test on the same infrastructure, and with the parity of those that they use for production.

Alongside numerous dev/test team-specific features, Skytap product manager Matt Ayers writes:

We are releasing a solution that allows dev/test teams to simply and quickly manage their dynamic workloads… AWS users can now use Skytap to easily develop and test their software on the same infrastructure that they use for production…. All in all, Skytap’s integration with AWS provides an easy way to spend less time configuring your environment and more time developing software.

Being able to “quickly manage,” “easily develop and test,” and “spend less time configuring” = efficiency. This integration means that your developers can testers can get back to doing what they love, what they’re good at, and what gets your product deployed on time and at a high quality.

So the work of developers and testers is made more efficient, but they’re hardly the only ones responsible for quality and speed—what about the benefits for those in IT, or higher-ups like the CIO or CTO?

In a recent discussion I had with Brad Schick, Skytap’s CTO and VP of engineering, and Brian White, VP of products, the two explained how Skytap on AWS is about efficiency that extends across the entire SDLC.

White points out:

This is the way to think about Skytap. We will help you make your team more efficient. With the addition of Amazon as a back end, we now have more options… A lot of the features that we bring to Skytap environments like complex networking, automatic NATing, remote desktop access, very simple VPN access…We’re going to bring our technology over to Amazon to make it possible.

So there you have it. From the initial press release to the interview that just went live last week, what you should take home from all of this information is that Skytap on AWS and our existing ESX-based infrastructure are both here to help make your enterprise teams and processes more efficient.

Those still looking for more information about Skytap on AWS, and even the opportunity to ask questions, can sign up for our upcoming webinar that is being held on Wednesday, April 2nd at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT. And if you miss it, we’ll make it available on-demand here on the blog as well.