The safest way to live test your ransomware, malware, virus defenses

You aren’t going to release a live virus on your production system, so how do you test your defenses? In the article “The State of Ransomware in 2020“, research suggests that every 11 seconds, some business is being attacked by a cybercriminal. And in the report “The State of Ransomware 2021“, the frequency of attacks

Extending VMware’s capabilities with Skytap Cloud

Skytap is attending VMworld 2017 next week, and we’ll have our largest presence yet at one of IT’s most notable conferences. Looking at the VMworld 2017 agenda, it’s clear attendees understand IT modernization is vital to business success in the digital economy. Skytap Cloud was designed specifically for modernizing applications at the heart of enterprises and we’re

Incorporating IBM AIX into Your Cloud Roadmap

No matter the scope of your cloud migration initiative, setting a roadmap for your journey is mandatory. According to IBM, A well-thought out roadmap doesn’t stop at covering the technical requirements for such a journey, it “ensures that each cloud decision the company makes to solve today’s needs will continue to pay off in the future.”
application modernization in bimodal IT

Application Modernization from an Operations Perspective

Bimodal, or multi-speed, IT is a recognition that software delivery in larger businesses is happening at different rates. It’s a description of the state of the world in which businesses recognize the fact that newer, more modern software is being delivered faster, and that older, more traditional software is being delivered more slowly. When people

Dynamically Multiplexing Disposable Production Environment Clones

We recently discussed a set of usability enhancements for our internal test environments. During the course of this work, we discovered a subset of problems which couldn’t be solved with environment configuration alone. Specifically, we require external infrastructure if we want to provide a single domain as an endpoint for all test environments, if we
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Why a Customer-first Attitude Drives Successful App Modernization Efforts

In “Contain Yourself: An Incremental Adoption of Modernization,” Petr Novodvorskiy and Dan Jones share some chapters from Skytap’s own app modernization story, specifically those around how we successfully broke up several monolithic services into microservices using Docker and Kubernetes. Petr and Dan presented this session at CoreOS Fest 2017 in San Francisco. When we hear

How Skytap Cloud Makes Creating Production Clones Ridiculously Easy

In previous blog posts, we covered Jenga (our environment construction tool) and did a deep dive into how we use Jenga as a component in delivering fully functional clones of our production environment. We’re very happy with this delivery pipeline, and the test environments it produces. Our engineers always have up-to-date templates for development or

What’s Running inside Your Containers? How about Now?

“You may get a new physical server once a month, you may get a new VM once every ten, fifteen, or 20 minutes. You may get a new container once every ten seconds.” -Kenaz Kwa, Puppet It didn’t take long during our conversation with Puppet’s Kenaz Kwa and Tyler Pace to understand the challenge of
Application Modernization Containers

Application Modernization in Full Swing at ADP [podcast]

DockerCon17 featured a number of container adoption success stories, and we got the opportunity to sit down with one of Docker’s biggest customers, ADP, to learn more about how containers fit into their application modernization journey. ADP Chief Strategic Architect, Jim Ford, presented a session titled, “One year and 1000+ Containers Later at ADP” where

Compelling Reasons for IT to Improve Efficiency through DevOps

If IT is measured by operational efficiency, and changing business demands are too much for existing infrastructure and systems to support, how does IT go from maintaining those systems to modernizing them with digital transformations? For many, a DevOps culture and practices—combined with cloud technologies—is the key to getting there, but a lack of one clear path to

Making Sense of Multi-Cloud Strategies

Do we have the internal resources to accomplish the move to the cloud? How do we avoid disrupting our business in a negative way? Is it easier to just put all of our applications in one cloud? If we haven’t even moved to one cloud, how could we safely, securely, and efficiently manage a multi-cloud
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How Containerization Breathes New Life into Old Apps

As the pace increases at which business demands that software be consistently delivered, many organizations find themselves with a growing problem. Newer applications, like those written for the cloud, are often able to be delivered and updated at a faster pace than older, monolithic applications that were designed to be run on older architectures and