Solving Data Constraints in the SDLC
One of the most common and critical bottlenecks teams encounter in software delivery is the lack of ready, consistent and safe test data to run functional, user acceptance, integration and performance testing. This data problem is so large for many enterprises, that customers report spending more time managing test data, than actually running tests and making improvements on the software itself.


  • Long data setup/teardown times. Populating a dev/test environment with data, and cleaning that data out after a test run, can be a highly manual task that consumes hours or days of your valuable team’s time that should be spent toward improving and delivering new software.
  • Contention over environments and data. When teams don’t have ready access to valid environments and data, they cannot work in parallel, and often end up in conflict over limited test environment resources. In many cases, one team can quickly corrupt or invalidate the data within an environment prepared for another team by running a single test.
  • Data compliance and safety. You don’t want real customer data being accessed by unauthorized individuals or systems at any point in the SDLC, but cleansing the test data of private information also becomes a time-consuming task that produces spotty results. Add in the need to meet industry-specific compliance and/or privacy standards like HIPAA in healthcare, and this task becomes more important than ever.

Solution: Virtual Data in Virtual Environments
Skytap Environments-as-a-Service are purpose-built for eliminating constraints for software development and test teams, and by working with Delphix, the market leader in data virtualization solutions, we can quickly stand up on-demand virtual data models, running within a “golden state” environment with all the infrastructure and applications in place to mirror production. These joint environments are ready to copy and run whenever your teams are, so they can start to develop and test in parallel.

Delphix data virtualization in Skytap cloud environments

With Delphix providing clean, safe and valid virtual test data into on-demand production-like Skytap development and test environments, the SDLC can move forward through each phase without constraints at high speed, and high quality.

  • Save days of setup/teardown time per cycle: Through on-demand, one-click cloning of production-like environments in Skytap with ready Delphix Virtual Data models, 95% of time formerly spent managing environments and data can become productive time dev/test teams can spend on innovation again.
  • Quality Collaboration: Testers can freeze an environment at the point in time when defects occur, and Delphix virtual data in the same state, then share that exact environment with Development to reproduce and triage defects. This ensures defects are discovered earlier, resolved more reliably and at lower cost.
  • IT Visibility and Control: Robust usage reporting, with ability to issue Department/Group/User quotas to control the sprawl of unused VMs and Virtual Data models, so they can be suspended or deleted if not in use for periods of time (pay for use)
  • Parallel, agile software delivery: All teams can self-service provision their own “golden state” ideal environment, with the appropriate virtual data model needed for the dev or test activity at hand. Therefore they can work in parallel and deliver far faster.
  • Secure, easy compliance delivery: Skytap environments are secure and self-contained units, and with Delphix cleansing and providing virtual data to the environments, meeting data compliance and privacy standards such as HIPAA or FIT has never been easier.

By accelerating the software pipeline with Delphix and Skytap, enterprises can deliver critical business functionality on time, with higher quality, while ensuring that data compliance needs are met with less cost and effort.

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