Provide test and development teams with all the data they need for rigorous testing, delivered into complex just-in-time environments in minutes.

As applications have grown more complex, environment and data constraints have become a common cause of delays and budget over-runs. Test and development teams often lack the on-demand access to data and environments they need to work in parallel, and sit idly waiting for them to become available. They compete for shared environments, which take weeks to manually configure, and cost millions of dollars in pre-production infrastructure.

Often, testers settle for subsets of the overall system, but this leads to incomplete testing, so that defects make it into production, where they cost up to 1000 times more to fix. Many organizations further copy production data into these limited environments, but this does not provide the data needed for rigorous testing. It typically provides 10-20% coverage, quickly becomes outdated, and must be masked using slow, in-house methods. In fact, the average tester spends 50% of their time waiting for data, searching for it, or creating it by hand where none exists.



Datamaker™ for Skytap enables teams distributed worldwide to work in stable instant environments, filled with all the data they need, in parallel. You can detect more defects earlier, while eliminating unnecessary pre-production infrastructure costs, to deliver valuable software to market faster, and at less cost.

With Skytap, complete production-like systems can be stored as virtual templates, being replicated across multiple cloud-instances from a self-service web-portal. As these environments are created, Datamaker™ will clone and provision re-usable data sets stored in the central repository. Testers can request and receive the exact data sets they need based on specific criteria, eliminating the time spent waiting or looking for data, and allowing teams distributed worldwide to test and develop in parallel.

Powerful synthetic data generation can be used to make sure that the test data covers 100% of the tests which need to be run, allowing testers to detect more defects earlier and eliminate costly rework. Existing data can also be secured, using high-performance native masking engines to produce millions of rows of referentially intact data in minutes, and avoid costly data breaches. Data can be masked in-flight, while virtual data which covers the full range of possible scenarios can be created for secure service virtualization and testing.

To learn more about how Skytap and Datamaker™ can eliminate data and environment constraints, download the Skytap and Datamaker data sheet and watch our joint video demonstration.