Environments for the MS Dynamics Ecosystem of Customers, Partners, Consultants and Independent Software Vendors


The Skytap for Microsoft Dynamics solution offers cloud-based services to allow engineering, business and IT teams to rapidly automate the import, configuration, sharing and teardown of production-like MS Dynamics-powered application environments for software development and testing purposes. Software delivery teams get on-demand access to complete networked labs that contain everything they need to test earlier and more often, so updates and software releases happen faster with much higher reliability.


A successful ERP implementation of MS Dynamics is not a one-time event. IT teams must not only keep this core system running, they must factor in the continuing and changing needs of the business. As new functionality is delivered atop these systems over time, software delivery can get delayed or sidetracked by the constraints of incomplete or unavailable application environments for development and testing.

  • Shortage of available MS Dynamics application environments for development, test and IT teams to use for validation, creating delivery bottlenecks for upgrades and new features
  • Hard to import and image additional pre-production instances of MS Dynamics systems in without extensive manual labor and IT costs.
  • Difficulty maintaining parallel environments. Simply moving copies of complete applications to iCloud infrastructure (or IaaS) providers does not address the problems of “drift” between systems and extensive maintenance effort.

Every Dynamics ERP and CRM implementation can be dramatically improved with the ability to quickly and efficiently create on-demand environments. An environment is all of the components required for a running application: all the VMs, databases, storage; test data, and all the configurations and networking that goes into a running application.

Skytap for MS Dynamics was purpose-built to quickly give enterprises that rely on this critical ERP platform a huge advantage over companies who are still trying to implement their own development and test environments manually.

Benefits of Skytap for MS Dynamics

Skytap for MS Dynamics delivers rapid benefits in comparison to other things. Here’s why:

  • Skytap on-demand environments help companies accelerate their software development lifecycle, reduce production issues, and lower the cost of development per release.
  • Customers can model and spin up ERP and CRM environments in seconds , collaborate and share them securely with global teams, and develop and test in parallel without conflicts.
  • IT organizations can offer teams self-service access, while maintaining full visibility and control over capacity.

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