Skytap on Monty TV, CFO Thought Leadership Podcast

Skytap executives recently sat down with various media outlets to share insight into our business, customers and their backgrounds. Our CFO Frank Colich spent time with the CFO Thought Leadership podcast recounting his unique path to becoming a CFO, advice for aspiring finance executives, and insight into how Skytap runs our business. Meanwhile, our CEO

Delivering a public cloud using containers and Kubernetes

We talk a lot about modernization at Skytap; it’s our business. But we haven’t shared much about how we are continually modernizing Skytap Cloud itself. This blog is the first in a series that will share our experiences evolving our infrastructure and software development processes. Our goal with this series is to give our customers,

Enterprise modernization is hard. But you have choices.

Cloud is now synonymous with AWS, Azure, and Google, as if to suggest there are no other choices, and that change is binary. As the pressure for enterprises to modernize swells, our conversations about “cloud” are reduced to overhyped, oversimplified, redundant assessments of high-level metrics whenever a brand-name provider announces their quarterly earnings. But enterprises

New research finds enterprises are own worst enemy in cloud adoption and people are greatest barrier to success

Skytap market study conducted by 451 Research shows that despite appetite to modernize, large majority of enterprise applications remain trapped on-premises, creating unexpected skills challenges aggravated by confusion about best path to cloud SEATTLE – June 6, 2018 – Skytap, Inc., a global cloud provider, today announced the results of a commissioned study on the state of

Learn the keys to multi-cloud success from Forrester

Enterprises are increasingly using multiple public clouds to meet business needs. Multi-cloud adoption is no different than how organizations have used best-of-breed software and hardware for decades to build their datacenters. Of course, a key difference is that the cloud combines hardware and software into easy-to-consume services already powering much of our digital economy. Similar

Use the cloud to make old apps new again

It seems many things once considered old become new again, from 80’s fashion to retro sneakers. Technology is no different. In fact, our partner IBM recently reported growth in mainframes, a market industry pundits have long claimed was nearly extinct. While the first era of cloud computing was all about developing new applications in the

Debunking Five of the Most Common Cloud Myths

In the last five years cloud computing has moved from a hyped emerging technology to a widely adopted business strategy. With this move to mainstream, several key opinions about cloud computing are taking shape. But some of those opinions are oversimplified, and that oversimplification runs the risk of constraining how businesses and IT leaders consume

Get out before you focus on shiny objects

Blockchain. IoT. Deep learning. It can be challenging to keep up with the latest and greatest in tech trends. Even worse, the pressure to implement these headline-grabbing technologies for your own business can be overwhelming. But business leaders must remember an age-old life lesson we’ve all heard: don’t put the cart before the horse. As

Why should you care about application modernization?

Your organization must modernize the applications you depend on to adapt, change, and succeed in your market. Why? Let’s discuss in plain terms. The cloud industry is full of jargon – words and acronyms specific to a given technology that attempt to describe it simply, but often confuse the issue. While Skytap is not immune

Top Talent Doesn’t Want to Work on Your Old Technology

We’ve all heard about some of the bizarre and extravagant perks that emerging tech companies offer to entice employees and candidates. And we’ll admit, we at Skytap have our fair share of snacks and sparkling water! But as experts in modernizing enterprise technology, we’re also keenly aware that things like kombucha taps and ping pong

The bottom line for cloud cost is that it’s not about cloud at all

Money can be stressful. And when you’re under pressure to modernize your enterprise technology, cost is a top — if not the top — factor your executive team cares about. How much bang are we going to get for our buck? While cloud technology has made our processes, infrastructure and applications more streamlined, advanced and

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