Voices of Skytap

At Skytap, we’re laser-focused on providing technology that makes our customers’ more  productive. We’re committed to ensuring that IT teams can keep up with the fast-evolving demands of business. It’s a world of cloud and apps and environments. But behind all the tech are real people making it happen. Though we know the diverse talent

Skytap on Monty TV, CFO Thought Leadership Podcast

Skytap executives recently sat down with various media outlets to share insight into our business, customers and their backgrounds. Our CFO Frank Colich spent time with the CFO Thought Leadership podcast recounting his unique path to becoming a CFO, advice for aspiring finance executives, and insight into how Skytap runs our business. Meanwhile, our CEO

Enterprise modernization is hard. But you have choices.

Cloud is now synonymous with AWS, Azure, and Google, as if to suggest there are no other choices, and that change is binary. As the pressure for enterprises to modernize swells, our conversations about “cloud” are reduced to overhyped, oversimplified, redundant assessments of high-level metrics whenever a brand-name provider announces their quarterly earnings. But enterprises

New research finds enterprises are own worst enemy in cloud adoption and people are greatest barrier to success

Skytap market study conducted by 451 Research shows that despite appetite to modernize, large majority of enterprise applications remain trapped on-premises, creating unexpected skills challenges aggravated by confusion about best path to cloud SEATTLE – June 6, 2018 – Skytap, Inc., a global cloud provider, today announced the results of a commissioned study on the state of

Engineering at Skytap

In March 2018, Skytap hired John Ludeman as senior vice president of engineering to support the company’s continued growth and evolution. Below is a note from John. In a town that’s become known as “Cloud City,” there’s no shortage of great, successful cloud companies – from the market behemoths to new startups. But the reason

Introducing Skytap Cloud Private Network Connection for faster data transfers

We live in a digital economy, where data is critical to every organization. In fact, last year The Economist argued that data has superseded oil as the world’s most valuable resource. From healthcare companies analyzing patient preferences to governments correlating population metrics, data is at the heart of just about everything. This statement holds true

Successful modernization is progressive and multi-faceted

Every week there’s a new cloud service or product, which the industry immediately classifies using a set of overly-simplistic labels — public, private, hybrid, and so on. The jargon takes center stage, while the actual value of the technology is obscured and left unclear to the business and IT leaders who need to understand it

Extending VMware’s capabilities with Skytap Cloud

Skytap is attending VMworld 2017 next week, and we’ll have our largest presence yet at one of IT’s most notable conferences. Looking at the VMworld 2017 agenda, it’s clear attendees understand IT modernization is vital to business success in the digital economy. Skytap Cloud was designed specifically for modernizing applications at the heart of enterprises and we’re

Why We’re Pursuing a Significant, But Overlooked Market

In August 2006, Amazon posted a one-paragraph announcement that it was launching something called Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to bring computing power to the cloud. EC2 joined its recently-launched cloud storage service, S3, to set in motion what would become AWS. The rest is widely-covered history. What’s been less covered is a segment of the market that

Dynamically Multiplexing Disposable Production Environment Clones

We recently discussed a set of usability enhancements for our internal test environments. During the course of this work, we discovered a subset of problems which couldn’t be solved with environment configuration alone. Specifically, we require external infrastructure if we want to provide a single domain as an endpoint for all test environments, if we

How Skytap Cloud Makes Creating Production Clones Ridiculously Easy

In previous blog posts, we covered Jenga (our environment construction tool) and did a deep dive into how we use Jenga as a component in delivering fully functional clones of our production environment. We’re very happy with this delivery pipeline, and the test environments it produces. Our engineers always have up-to-date templates for development or

Container Management and Enterprise Adoption Go Big at DockerCon17

Skytap is headed to DockerCon in Austin, Texas next week, and we wanted to share some of the places where you can check out Skytap’s powerful new container management offering, how you can register for our “Docker, DevOps, and Reality” panel and cocktail party, and some of the week’s incredible sessions that we’re most looking

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