Continuous Delivery of Fully Functional Environments at Skytap (Part 1)

At Skytap, we face the same challenges as our customers in developing and releasing high-quality software quickly. Often, the most painful stages of the software development lifecycle are the integration phase (when independently developed components run together for the first time) and the release phase (when new features face production workloads for the first time).

How We’re Extending Visibility and Control Capabilities in the Cloud

Visibility and usage controls are rarely touted today because many public cloud providers simply don’t offer them. We’re dedicated to helping developers, testers, and IT ops teams increase the efficiency of their usage of Skytap. By utilizing a range of Skytap tools that simplify maintaining visibility and control, our customers prevent the overages and inefficiency

Skytap Signs New Tech Inclusion Pledge

As a professional woman working in HR & Recruiting in the tech industry for more than 20 years, I have experienced progressive changes in the culture of companies my colleagues and I work with every day. Companies have moved from a lack of understanding to a lot of talk to finally realization and action. I’m

New Powershell Module Increases Feature Accessibility

Our June release included a new feature that simplifies using the Skytap RESTful API from Windows Powershell. I sat down with our own Mike Measel to find out how this new Powershell module helps our customers automate environment and VM visibility, reporting, and management. Learn more about using Powershell with Skytap from our help documentation, or

Skytap Driver Now Available for Docker Machine

We are thrilled to announce the technical preview of a Docker Machine driver built specifically for Skytap. Docker Machine is an essential part of the Docker Toolbox. It is used to remotely provision and manage Docker hosts. Utilizing a driver model, Docker Machine can be used with a number of different local virtual providers such

Upcoming Technical Training Roundtables: You’re Invited!

Skytap is getting ready to hit the road to participate in B2B Learn: two roundtable discussions around today’s key trends, challenges, and best practices in technical training, and we’d love for you to join us! These sales-pitch-free events are an awesome opportunity to learn with your peers, Skytap principal product manager Seth Payne, and current training

Now Available: Secure and Scalable Docker Development

As more organizations look to containerization for gains in software consistency and efficiency—questions around security often pop up. In the webinar below, we show how combining Twistlock and Skytap provide security and scalability in Docker development environments in particular. After a brief explanation of Skytap and Twistlock technologies, this presentation contains a demo that shows

The Case for Replicant Production

Software systems development has changed from being something we think of as an engineering and planning challenge, like building a building or a bridge, into a highly incremental and experimental process of constantly trying new things and seeing how they work or don’t work. The key to this new approach is to get valid feedback

Evaluating Application Modernization Solutions: Part III (Conclusion)

In this final chapter of our three-part series, Sumit Mehrotra shows how Skytap provides the configuration, consistency, collaboration, and control necessary for application modernization initiatives—including microservices and containerization. Learn how this 4Cs framework can help you modernize your complete product lifecycle to ensure that quality code and speed are consistently delivered with each release. Make sure

Test Automation Reigns Supreme Next Week at STAREAST

Skytap is gearing up for next week’s STAREAST conference, and after looking closely at the week’s packed schedule of keynotes, tutorials, and concurrent session, it appears that “automation” is going to be one of the week’s dominating topics. And this won’t be the first time. We’ve attended and covered this show from a journalistic perspective

Every Action Counts: Skytap’s Sponsorship of Peace One Day

Since being founded by Jeremy Gilley in 1999, Peace One Day has achieved incredible success, including having the member states of the United Nations “unanimously adopt the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September – Peace Day.” By observing peace and contributing to its growth on this day each year, millions

Getting to Know Ada Developers Academy Graduate Brandi Wilson

Here at Skytap, we take every opportunity we can to promote and help support Ada Developers Academy, a local non-profit software development school for women. Ada is tuition-free and places the school’s graduates in a five-month internship at one of Seattle’s amazing software companies. We’re beyond proud to sponsor Ada Developers Academy and to have