Customer Success Series: GE Healthcare Dramatically Expands Global Training

At our most recent Customer Advisory Board meeting (see our CAB recap here), we sat down with Douglas McKelvey, Training and Services Readiness Manager at GE Healthcare, to learn how Skytap has helped his team increase the effectiveness of their training “100 fold” and take their classes for medical imaging software to a global audience.

CAB Recap Fall 2015: Customer Collaboration Drives Innovation

We recently wrapped up two great day-and-a-half sessions of the Skytap Customer Advisory Board (or “Skytap CAB”) here by the waterfront in lovely Seattle. One session specifically for Dev/Test solution customers and another for Training/Demo customers, each of which have unique use cases and concerns. Collaboration with customers is a huge part of Skytap’s culture,
QAC and Skytap Partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight: QA Consultants (QAC) and Skytap

Today’s partner spotlight comes to us from QA Consultants (QAC), a firm that is 100% dedicated to providing software testing services for their customers. You may have noticed today’s Partner Announcement with QAC. There is a great deal of in-house expertise in their Toronto, Canada center of excellence as well as their satellite offices, and Skytap provides them

What Can Software Testing Tea Leaves Tell Us?

Closely analyzing the evolution of software conference program schedules can often paint a pretty accurate picture of the current state of our industry. Sometimes that picture is rosy, and gives you confidence that we’re headed in the right direction—and sometimes it can cause downright fear. After pouring over this year’s STARWEST program, it’s clear that

Skytap Data Consumption Reduced by How Much?

One of the coolest parts about working at Skytap is that people here are really excited about what our engineering team is building. I love when someone scours the newest release notes, or has been working closely with the engineering team to help deliver an exciting new feature—and then cannot wait to spread the word
Skytap vApp VM Import and Nesting Feature

Automated vApp and Multi-VM Import = Big Time-to-Value Impact

Let’s take this opportunity to highlight two new import features in Skytap EaaS that will likely make a huge impact on the productivity and time-to-value for every Skytap customer. Now you can directly import multiple VMs, or a complete virtual application stack directly into Skytap environments, and have Skytap automatically handle the configuration and setup

Skytap Panel Appearance and More at UK’s Cloud World Forum

Cloud World Forum is EMEA’s largest cloud and DevOps expo and Skytap is proud to sponsor and participate in a number of exciting talks and activities throughout the week! With the recent opening of our London office, appearing at Cloud World Forum was an absolute must and we cannot wait for the show to begin.

Brad Schick on Evolving Complex Enterprise Applications to the Cloud

Skytap’s CTO Brad Schick is fresh off a roadshow circuit, including a presentation at the recent OpenStack 2015 conference in Vancouver. In this talk, Brad frames the common adoption patterns for enterprises moving applications to cloud infrastructure. There are several well-known strategies for embarking on public cloud initiatives, but the most successful ones seem to

Why Skytap is Proud to Sponsor Ada Developers Academy

Skytap is proud to be a new sponsor of Seattle’s Ada Developers Academy. Learn how the group started, and how you, too, can help them help so many succeed! Noel: First off, thank you Karen for sitting down with me today. We’re so excited about our new sponsorship of the  Ada Developers Academy. Would you

Working to Narrow Seattle’s Software/Tech Gender Gap

Special thanks to Skytap’s Jill Domanico, Jewel von Kempf, Michele Costello, and Kat White for their contributions to this piece and our efforts to increase diversity in our own office and Seattle as a whole! When thinking of the reasons why it’s an awesome time to work at Skytap, there are tons that come to

New VM Display Feature Conserves Bandwidth, Preserves Quality

In our early-April release, Skytap introduced a new feature to the single-vm toolbar: VM Display Quality Settings. These quality settings allow users to conserve bandwidth by selecting a lower display quality when appropriate and/or necessary. In addition to offering multiple display options, Skytap has adjusted the compression method used by the single-VM view. This means

Skytap CTO to Cover Hybrid Apps and OpenStack at Two Upcoming Events

Skytap CTO Brad Schick has been invited to speak at the 2015 Seattle Technology Leadership Summit and the OpenStack Summit Vancouver on the following day! We sat down with Brad to learn more about hybrid apps, enterprise cloud adoption, Bimodal IT, and some of the exciting benefits that OpenStack and Skytap can provide our growing communities.