Will the Age of DevOps Impact Your Career? (Video)

With more companies “doing” DevOps everyday, what impact will this have on the expectations for developers and IT Operations job applicants to possess when making a career move—or even to simply stay relevant in their current roles? Check out this recording of this week’s webinar with Intellyx analyst Jason Bloomberg, and Skytap VP of operations

Environments-as-a-Service “Essential” for Enterprise Dev & Test

DevOps may still be in relative infancy, and current DevOps definitions may vary wildly, but one thing that all agree is essential to its success is automating manual steps throughout the SDLC that fail to add business value or software quality. We’ve been working with analyst Jason Bloomberg to help us paint a picture of

Skytap, Devops, and the British Invasion

It’s official; Skytap has officially expanded into Europe! We’ve got outstanding boots on the ground with Chris Griggs, our new VP of Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and Rick Cronin, our new Technical Director – both based in our new EMEA headquarters in London. Chris and Rick have extensive experience of having worked in

Upcoming Webinar: Career Relevance in the DevOps Age

What are some of the titles you can look for if you want to “do” DevOps? If nobody can really say they’ve “been doing DevOps for years” what qualifications can employers look for? Are developers really suited to understand the operational needs and goals of the business, as some experts recommend? How do we get

Customer Advisory Board Reveals Virtual Training Wins in the Cloud

Throughout the year, we host a series of Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meetings, where we invite customers from Skytap’s varied use cases in order to not just give and take feedback from our customers, but so they can also provide it their peers in their respective industries. Today we’re speaking with Director of Product Management

The Impact of Trust on the Success and Failure of DevOps

We sat down with Paul Farrall, Skytap’s new VP of Operations, and the president-elect of SIM Seattle, to discuss his successes and failures within his own DevOps initiatives. His experience helps prove the importance of trust between teams. SIM Seattle will host the 2015 Seattle Technology Leadership Summit on May 20th. Noel: Hi Paul! Let’s dive right in.

Feedback Culture Promotes Continuous UX-Rich Design

With this week’s focus on how Skytap “does” design, we sat down with our principal UX architect to learn more about where the inspiration comes from to continuously not just keep up with, but exceed both business and customer demands across numerous platforms. Noel: Just to start off, if you’ll take a minute to introduce yourself,

The Joys of Continuous Disruption at Skytap

One of our collective goals for 2015 is to really up our hiring and recruiting efforts in every department here at Skytap. As a colleague wrote earlier this year, this office is brimming with creative, contagious energy, and with a fresh round of funding to close out 2014, we’re scaling on a personnel level right

Using OpenStack in Skytap

Skytap recently published an OpenStack (DevStack) environment template in the Skytap Public Template Library. DevStack is a mechanism to provide tools for the installation of OpenStack services suitable for development and operational testing as well as to demonstrate examples of configuring and running services as well as command line client usage. You can read more

Skytap Networking Open House: You’re Invited!

Those who follow the skyrocketing growth of the tech scene here in Seattle know that our city is bursting with options for bright, creative, and passionate people who want to make a real impact in this industry. We’re lucky to be in such an inspiring and innovative city, but as those of us looking to

Consulting Initiative to Guide Enterprise Development and DevOps Adoption

We’re thrilled to announce that David Frost has joined Skytap as our vice president of professional services and support. David will expand our professional service offerings to include a new consulting initiative to guide Enterprise development and IT organizations through the adoption of DevOps best practices. I had the chance to sit down with David

Consumerization at its Finest: Virtual, Self-Paced Training

Chalk up another win for Consumerization — and for anyone who has welcomed it into their business. Global access and full control over self-paced training isn’t the way of the future anymore. It’s here right now, and it’s what businesses expect out of learning programs. It shouldn’t be a surprise, really. We are in the consumerization