Enterprise modernization is hard. But you have choices.

Cloud is now synonymous with AWS, Azure, and Google, as if to suggest there are no other choices, and that change is binary. As the pressure for enterprises to modernize swells, our conversations about “cloud” are reduced to overhyped, oversimplified, redundant assessments of high-level metrics whenever a brand-name provider announces their quarterly earnings. But enterprises

New research finds enterprises are own worst enemy in cloud adoption and people are greatest barrier to success

Skytap market study conducted by 451 Research shows that despite appetite to modernize, large majority of enterprise applications remain trapped on-premises, creating unexpected skills challenges aggravated by confusion about best path to cloud SEATTLE – June 6, 2018 – Skytap, Inc., a global cloud provider, today announced the results of a commissioned study on the state of

GDPR – Not the end of the world as we know IT

It’s here. Enforcement of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect today (May 25th, 2018). Data protection and privacy are serious issues, now more than ever. At Skytap, we’re deeply focused on securing data because, as a cloud designed to modernize our customers’ most important applications, we are supporting mission-critical data on a daily basis.

Top Talent Doesn’t Want to Work on Your Old Technology

We’ve all heard about some of the bizarre and extravagant perks that emerging tech companies offer to entice employees and candidates. And we’ll admit, we at Skytap have our fair share of snacks and sparkling water! But as experts in modernizing enterprise technology, we’re also keenly aware that things like kombucha taps and ping pong

Skytap response to Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities

Skytap is actively working to mitigate any impact of the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities for Skytap customers. We’re currently engaged with our hardware and software vendors to identify and implement appropriate patches. We are assessing our public cloud hosting and internal systems to ensure all measures are taken to protect our customers. As we receive

Extending VMware’s capabilities with Skytap Cloud

Skytap is attending VMworld 2017 next week, and we’ll have our largest presence yet at one of IT’s most notable conferences. Looking at the VMworld 2017 agenda, it’s clear attendees understand IT modernization is vital to business success in the digital economy. Skytap Cloud was designed specifically for modernizing applications at the heart of enterprises and we’re

Why We’re Pursuing a Significant, But Overlooked Market

In August 2006, Amazon posted a one-paragraph announcement that it was launching something called Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to bring computing power to the cloud. EC2 joined its recently-launched cloud storage service, S3, to set in motion what would become AWS. The rest is widely-covered history. What’s been less covered is a segment of the market that
traditional applications challenges

Why the Cloud Must Do More for Traditional Enterprise Applications

We all know that public cloud adoption is on the rise. Numerous analyst reports share data validating this shift. But the hockey stick growth many of these reports chart looks very different when it comes to enterprise adoption, particularly regarding the migration of traditional applications. While research continues to tout skyrocketing percentages of apps moving to the
application modernization in bimodal IT

Application Modernization from an Operations Perspective

Bimodal, or multi-speed, IT is a recognition that software delivery in larger businesses is happening at different rates. It’s a description of the state of the world in which businesses recognize the fact that newer, more modern software is being delivered faster, and that older, more traditional software is being delivered more slowly. When people
app modernization presentation

Why a Customer-first Attitude Drives Successful App Modernization Efforts

In “Contain Yourself: An Incremental Adoption of Modernization,” Petr Novodvorskiy and Dan Jones share some chapters from Skytap’s own app modernization story, specifically those around how we successfully broke up several monolithic services into microservices using Docker and Kubernetes. Petr and Dan presented this session at CoreOS Fest 2017 in San Francisco. When we hear

What’s Running inside Your Containers? How about Now?

“You may get a new physical server once a month, you may get a new VM once every ten, fifteen, or 20 minutes. You may get a new container once every ten seconds.” -Kenaz Kwa, Puppet It didn’t take long during our conversation with Puppet’s Kenaz Kwa and Tyler Pace to understand the challenge of

Modern Accountability in Multi-Cloud Management

Enterprises aren’t just adopting cloud at an accelerated rate, recent surveys have shown that multi-cloud adoption is becoming the new standard. With no one-size-fits-all cloud provider in the market, and each vendor becoming increasingly known for a single or set of unique strengths, it makes sense that multi-cloud approaches are taking off. Skytap CTO, Brad Schick,

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