DevHops Episode 8: Paul Farrall – Fishing for DevOps Success

Welcome to the first “Special Draft” edition of the Dev-Hops Podcast, in which we focus on real-world stories of process and technology transformation from the people who lived them. Rather than having a conversation, we’ll ask seasoned pros to relate their own case studies of big changes they were a part of. What went right, and what

“Testing Agility in the Cloud” Featured in LogiGear Magazine

Skytap Sr. Director of Product Management, Sumit Mehrotra, presented his session, “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Achieving Olympian Aspirations of Agile Testing with the Cloud” at the 2015 STeP-IN Summit in Bangalore, India, and when it was all said and done—he took home the award for “Best Technical Track Speaker.” We’ll be releasing a video of Sumit’s

2016 Predictions Include Warming up to DevOps ICEbergs

“This will be a year of glacial change in app development…what I’m talking about is an increased ability to compartmentalize even some monolithic systems so software delivery can move forward.” – Jason English, Skytap Galactic Head, Product Marketing Our own Jason English was invited to contribute to VMblog’s Virtualization and Cloud Prediction Series, and he’s

Is Agile a Prerequisite for Beginning DevOps Initiatives?

As part of our ongoing technical series, “Scaling Modern Software Delivery,” we’re taking a look at the benefits of DevOps for organizations at various stages of agility. Skytap regional consulting manager Raksha Balasubramanyam shares some great advice for how to achieve early-stage DevOps benefits, and the executive buy-in needed to scale success. Noel: Is “being

The Zorro Effect: Circling Back from CA World ‘15

Back from a productive week at CA World, the big CA Technologies summit in Las Vegas. I wasn’t using an app to count my steps like many there, but I am sure I put in thousands if only due to the sheer geographic size of the convention venue at Mandalay Bay. My partners in crime

The DevHops Podcast Episode 6: DevOps Practices for Systems of Record

It’s time for another episode of the DevHops Podcast! While at the 2015 DevOps Enterprise Summit—check out our recap of the entire show—Skytap DevOps consulting manager Kelly Looney and I recorded this episode with Accenture agile and DevOps lead Mirco Hering. Mirco was giving his “Adopting DevOps Practices for Systems of Record” session later in

CAworld 2015 Day “Zero” Report: Disruptingly Disruptive

I’ve been here at CAworld’15 just getting set up to talk about environments prior to the main event days, and everywhere you look, you see the theme of the company this year: Digital Disruption. In CA CEO Mike Gregoire’s opening partner reception, he positioned competitiveness for businesses today as primarily driven by software. I think

The DevHops Podcast Episode 7: Digital Transformation with CA

This week we sit down with Justin Vaughan-Brown, CA Technologies’ Global Digital Transformation Lead and Jason English, Skytap Galactic Head of Product Marketing to discuss digital transformation in the enterprise. What has led enterprises to make this transformation, what role do DevOps and agile play, and what are the benefits of modernization initiatives? We discuss all

Continuous Delivery Decision Points: Getting Software Safely into Production

Consulting manager Kelly Looney is speaking this week at DevOps Days Detroit. We sat down with him to learn more about his session, and the evolving focus of DevOps that he and others have spotted. Noel: You’ve said that DevOps is evolving from focusing on build automation to full-on continuous delivery. What’s causing that evolution?

Gene Kim and Others Share What DevOps is Really “All About”

Skytap was in full force at Electric Cloud’s second annual DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) last week—in the Expo, recording podcasts with the show’s amazing speakers, and sitting in on every keynote and track session possible. Our goal was to get a better grasp on how DevOps is being defined (a hundred different ways), how DevOps

The DevHops Podcast Episode 5: Service Virtualization at Alaska Airlines

One of the most well-attended sessions of the week at STARWEST was Parasoft and Alaska Airlines‘ crack-of-dawn session on continuous testing through service virtualization. We got Alaska Airlines quality analyst Ryan Papineau to join us on the latest episode of the Skytap DevHops Podcast, so we could learn more about service virtualization’s role in the airline’s

Legacy Apps & Docker: the ContainerJournal Article

There’s a lot of opinions out there about containers these days, and maybe not enough practical advice. Here’s a good article out today in ContainerJournal from Skytap’s own Dan Jones: Dan Jones in ContainerJournal on Docker: Docker and Legacy Applications: Better Together? Let’s face it, adoption of containers is happening, and it behooves developers and

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