DevOps Gains Soar During NYSE “Configuration Issue”

The temporary suspension of trading on the NYSE this last week made me think of May 6, 2010, the day of the infamous “Flash Crash” in which US equity markets went into an inconceivable tailspin. I was working at the New York Stock Exchange at the time and distinctly remember the speculation as to what

On-Demand Environments and Data – Stay Ahead of the Competition

This piece was written by Tom Pryce at Grid-Tools. Grid-Tools is a TAP partner of Skytap and we’re joining them on July 14th to present, “Testing is No Longer Constrained by Environments and Data.” Join us, or look out for an on-demand recording to follow! In the “Age of the Customer”, every organization is a

Skytap Panel Appearance and More at UK’s Cloud World Forum

Cloud World Forum is EMEA’s largest cloud and DevOps expo and Skytap is proud to sponsor and participate in a number of exciting talks and activities throughout the week! With the recent opening of our London office, appearing at Cloud World Forum was an absolute must and we cannot wait for the show to begin.

Shrinking the Innovation Inequality Gap

People used to talk all the time about “million dollar ideas” and how all it took was having one innovative idea for a product and you could be set for life. Maybe that was true at some time in the past, but today, an idea alone is worth very little. What’s worth a million dollars

“Automate Everything” Challenged in Recent Article

In the last year, we’ve gotten much closer to a universally agreed upon definition of DevOps—and that’s a good thing. Confusion around the term sometimes resulted in even greater distrust between devs and ops, and those in testing, QA, or security wondered what their part is in this growing “must” for startups all the way

Brad Schick on Evolving Complex Enterprise Applications to the Cloud

Skytap’s CTO Brad Schick is fresh off a roadshow circuit, including a presentation at the recent OpenStack 2015 conference in Vancouver. In this talk, Brad frames the common adoption patterns for enterprises moving applications to cloud infrastructure. There are several well-known strategies for embarking on public cloud initiatives, but the most successful ones seem to

The DevHops Podcast Ep. 2: Tales from the Journey to DevOps

  Welcome to the second episode of the DevHops Podcast! This week we’re speaking with analyst Mike Kavis, and Skytap Galactic Head of product marketing Jason English. Let’s get started—we hope you enjoy the show! Noel:  Hello everyone and welcome to the second episode of the Skytap DevHops podcast. This is the show where ideas about enterprise software
Matt McIlwain at SIM Seattle 2015

All Data Points to Dataware: McIlwain at SIM

I recently attended the SIM Seattle Technology Leadership Summit to hear from a diverse group of IT leaders on both the development and Ops side of the fence. In particular, the opening keynote from Matt McIlwain, managing director of Madrona Ventures gave me some new market perspective. Matt’s predictions are pointing to a category of

Working to Narrow Seattle’s Software/Tech Gender Gap

Special thanks to Skytap’s Jill Domanico, Jewel von Kempf, Michele Costello, and Kat White for their contributions to this piece and our efforts to increase diversity in our own office and Seattle as a whole! When thinking of the reasons why it’s an awesome time to work at Skytap, there are tons that come to

Skytap CTO to Cover Hybrid Apps and OpenStack at Two Upcoming Events

Skytap CTO Brad Schick has been invited to speak at the 2015 Seattle Technology Leadership Summit and the OpenStack Summit Vancouver on the following day! We sat down with Brad to learn more about hybrid apps, enterprise cloud adoption, Bimodal IT, and some of the exciting benefits that OpenStack and Skytap can provide our growing communities.

Will the Age of DevOps Impact Your Career? (Video)

With more companies “doing” DevOps everyday, what impact will this have on the expectations for developers and IT Operations job applicants to possess when making a career move—or even to simply stay relevant in their current roles? Check out this recording of this week’s webinar with Intellyx analyst Jason Bloomberg, and Skytap VP of operations

Environments-as-a-Service “Essential” for Enterprise Dev & Test

DevOps may still be in relative infancy, and current DevOps definitions may vary wildly, but one thing that all agree is essential to its success is automating manual steps throughout the SDLC that fail to add business value or software quality. We’ve been working with analyst Jason Bloomberg to help us paint a picture of

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