Building Trust Between Cloud Providers and Consumers

In a recent article for NetworkWorld entitled Building Trust Between Cloud Providers and Consumers, I talked about the need for clients and vendors to view each other as trusted partners if they are to successfully design and deploy solutions to complex technology problems. I also focused on the value of transparency when building cooperative partnerships,

CIO: Top 15 Cities for Tech Startups

​CIO just released its 15 top cities for tech startups, and Seattle is at the heart of the list. In fact, CIO reported in 2012 that Seattle is home to twice as many startups as the national average. “If you’re considering working for a tech startup or launching one of your own and need to

Is this the Start of a Hybrid Cloud Revolution?

Prepare yourself. Hybrid cloud is about to explode. At too many companies, new technology is adopted not because IT planned it or wanted it, but because they were forced into it. Luckily, there are solutions that are allowing IT to get ahead of the technology curve—hybrid cloud being one of them. Consider this: What if

Balancing Public and Private with a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

In a new article, Network World has named 2013 the year of the hybrid cloud. The article also includes 10 predictions by industry analysts, and two in particular caught my eye. Prediction #1: Hybrid clouds will take off. That is, in fact, exactly what we are seeing happen on the front lines here at Skytap.

Adding Cloud Infrastructure to Your Automated Dev/Test Environment

When most people think about using a public infrastructure cloud, it’s usually for an Internet-facing application like a company web server. And if you’ve ever considered a public infrastructure cloud for a training or dev/test environment, you might picture end users having to use some kind of remote access client, connecting via a client-based VPN,

White Paper: Putting the Agile into the Infrastructure

Today we released our latest white paper: Cloud-Enabled Software Development and Testing: Putting the Agile into the Infrastructure. In the paper, we examine ways in which organizations can implement cloud-enabled software development by adopting an Agile IT strategy. The following is an excerpt from the paper: Agile software development is winning the hearts and minds

Considering Your Lab Manager Replacement

In my first post of this series I discussed how important it is to replace the deprecated VMware Lab Manager with a new solution. This is especially true with Lab Manager support ending on May 1, 2013. In my second post, I talked about the various options available to you as a replacement. One of

Networking Perspectives: Nicira, VMware, and Open Source

In July, VMware acquired Nicira in what was, to many, a shocking move (or at least at a shocking price point), but in fairly quick retrospect it was understood to be exactly the right move. VMware did what any company sitting on a big pile of cash and in a strong market position would do:

Time for Change: Replacing VMware Lab Manager

In Part 1 of this series, May VMware Lab Manager Rest in Peace, I talked about how VMware has ‘end of lifed’ Lab Manager and will soon no longer support it. Knowing that, if you are using VMware Lab Manager, you may be actively researching your options for replacement. So let’s dive right in. VMware’s

May VMware’s Lab Manager Rest in Peace

In honor of the season, we thought we’d launch the first in a four-part series on the topic of Lab Manager replacement. We’ve invited guest blogger and VMware expert, David Davis, to share his thoughts on the product’s pending end of life. To quote David, “It’s a scary time to be a Lab Manager user.”

Taking the Cloud from Wall Street to Main Street

In the recent article Taking the Cloud from Wall Street to Main Street, I discussed how cloud technologies that were once only accessible to high tech Wall Street firms can now be leveraged by the majority of enterprises to manage development, testing, and production environments. The following is an excerpt from the article: “In 2011,

OSIsoft Extends IT Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud

Development, test, and QA teams are under constant pressure to develop, test, and deploy software applications faster. And there are myriad reasons for businesses to encourage and support this continuous process improvement, as teams that achieve these efficiencies will end up with a competitive edge. the industry standard in enterprise infrastructure, OSIsoft—makers of the PI

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