Skytap on Azure – Networking Considerations

Recently, Microsoft’s Adam Stuart, an Azure Networking Specialist, worked with Skytap to put together some Azure Networking considerations regarding how to connect your mainframe and midrange systems to Azure via Skytap on Azure when planning a cloud migration. These considerations included some best practices when designing your networking especially since many of these systems are

Voices of Skytap

At Skytap, we’re laser-focused on providing technology that makes our customers’ more  productive. We’re committed to ensuring that IT teams can keep up with the fast-evolving demands of business. It’s a world of cloud and apps and environments. But behind all the tech are real people making it happen. Though we know the diverse talent

Digital transformation is fiction

Digital transformation is the tech industry’s biggest buzzword. It’s also the emptiest. Plastered on marketing materials, embedded in mission statements. But devoid of clarity or prescription. To undergo digital transformation suggests a finite, technology-driven process with clear intent and outcome — this is a fallacy. The often-overlooked truth is that digital transformation isn’t just about

Top Talent Doesn’t Want to Work on Your Old Technology

We’ve all heard about some of the bizarre and extravagant perks that emerging tech companies offer to entice employees and candidates. And we’ll admit, we at Skytap have our fair share of snacks and sparkling water! But as experts in modernizing enterprise technology, we’re also keenly aware that things like kombucha taps and ping pong

The bottom line for cloud cost is that it’s not about cloud at all

Money can be stressful. And when you’re under pressure to modernize your enterprise technology, cost is a top — if not the top — factor your executive team cares about. How much bang are we going to get for our buck? While cloud technology has made our processes, infrastructure and applications more streamlined, advanced and

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