Skytap on Azure – Networking Considerations

Recently, Microsoft’s Adam Stuart, an Azure Networking Specialist, worked with Skytap to put together some Azure Networking considerations regarding how to connect your mainframe and midrange systems to Azure via Skytap on Azure when planning a cloud migration. These considerations included some best practices when designing your networking especially since many of these systems are

Feature Update – VM Settings Page has been Refreshed

Anyone who’s worked in tech knows what it’s like dealing with technical debt. If you’re lucky, it doesn’t significantly impede your progress. Other times it can feel like you just open the garage to realize it’s completely full and there’s no place for that new snow shovel you just bought. Maybe you can close the

Best of Skytap Live 2022

The second annual Skytap Live event occurred on March 23, 2022, and this year’s topics were diverse and informative. The event focused on empowering end-users by unlocking new and exciting capabilities, both from within the Skytap product itself, as well as from integrations with key Skytap technology partners. Skytap discussed its 2022 product roadmap, tackled

Log4J and IBM i

Over the last few months, there have been many blog posts and technical breakdowns written on the vulnerability of the Log4j exploit. There are even memes about it, as it has permeated popular culture with the exploit affecting the highly popular game Minecraft. The Log4J vulnerability is one that had the potential to create mass

You’re Invited! Join Us for Skytap Live 2022

Save the Date: March 23, 2022 8 am Pacific – 1 pm Pacific You’re invited! Join us for Skytap Live, an online event open to all Skytap customers. The event includes information about using Skytap Cloud as well as a peek at our 2022 roadmaps. Register Now Topics 8:00 AM – Welcome and Keynote  Mike

Why Is Networking So Hard?

What does travel planning have to do with networking? Skytap Principal Product Manager Colleen Hamilton discusses why networking is so hard & what to do about it with this insightful comparison.

Skytap 2022 Cloud and IBM Power Industry Predictions

Public cloud computing continues to have great momentum as we head into the new year. Panorama Data Insights estimates the global cloud computing market size was US $371.35 billion in 2020 and predicts an average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19% from 2021 to 2030. Further, Gartner predicts that spending on public cloud services will

The Road to SAP® HANA

Lush green tropical forests, sky blue ocean waters, cascading waterfalls, your ultimate destination awaits… For someone visiting Maui, driving the “The Road to Hana” is a thrilling experience of nature and beauty that should not be missed. The journey and destination are the rewards. For users of SAP, ECC, NetWeaver, and R/3, their HANA is

Key takeaways from the Global IT: Moving IBM i to IBM Cloud Myths and Facts Webinar

Skytap SVP of Product Dan Jones and VP of Customer Operations Darren Stagnaro recently spoke at a Cloud Migration Myths and Facts webinar hosted by Global IT Client Executive Kathleen Simard. I attended as a good way to double-check my gut on the topic and there were a few items that I had misconceptions on.

Using Azure billing to view Skytap on Azure costs and usage

Overview Skytap on Azure is an Infrastructure as a Service offering that provides you with virtualized IBM Power systems computing resources as a managed service within Azure. Restrictions in the Azure Marketplace require that this be listed as a SaaS application, so it might not be obvious at first how to find your Skytap on

Introducing Skytap Live Clone: Copy and save environments while VMs are running

Within Skytap, Environments and Templates are very important concepts. An Environment is an object that comprises one or more VMs, one or more networks, plus configuration settings and metadata. A Template is a read-only copy of an environment that can be used to back up critical environments and acts like a blueprint for new environments.

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