Guest Blog: Did WannaCrypt Wreck My Demo Infrastructure?

Security in the cloud will likely always be a hot topic of conversation, especially when there are global events like the recent WannaCrypt ransomware attack. IBM principal architect Erik Anderson recently addressed his responsibility for delivering “a reliable platform available for hundreds of other IBMers” in the midst of attacks like these, and the role

How IBM Overcame Complex Technical Training Challenges in the Cloud

Effectively—and efficiently—delivering complex technical training to globally distributed teams is a major challenge for many in the enterprise. IBM delivers hundreds of scheduled events each week to more than two-thousand students a month. With the closing of a data center in France, Bob Blessing-Hartley, CTO for IBM Remote Labs, had to decide how to continue to deliver

Why Should We Move Our VMware Applications Off-premises? [Video]

Even with all of the gains in scalability that the cloud can bring to on-premises workloads, there are questions you should ask before beginning any migration. We recently published a Cloud Migration Guide to assist companies at the evaluation stage of making such a migration, and just last week, Skytap cloud solution architect Ralph Capasso

New Skytap provider gem for Vagrant: Demo Up!

As the next step of Skytap’s continuing commitment to supporting developers through integration with open source tools and software, Skytap today announced new capabilities with Vagrant to provide management of Skytap environments through your local Vagrant client. Authentication, creation, management, destruction, and even sharing of your Skytap environments can all be controlled through standard Vagrant

CA Release Automation in Skytap: Spotlight and Demo

As DevOps devotees, we’re always interested in techniques for accelerating software delivery, so we’re thrilled to have these two new videos featuring the CA Release Automation (RA) solutions team explaining, and demonstrating, how to achieve wicked fast and pin-point accurate deployments at each stage of the SDLC in Skytap environments. You can learn a lot

3-Minute Video & Demo: Virtual Training Labs

Fall is the time some of us think about back-to-school activities. But here at Skytap, we’re thinking about the Education Services groups that teach hands-on software to employees and partners using Virtual Training Labs, or “Classrooms-in-a-Box.” So we just did this 3-Minute video that will give you a quick overview and a little demonstration of
Skytap vApp VM Import and Nesting Feature

Automated vApp and Multi-VM Import = Big Time-to-Value Impact

Let’s take this opportunity to highlight two new import features in Skytap EaaS that will likely make a huge impact on the productivity and time-to-value for every Skytap customer. Now you can directly import multiple VMs, or a complete virtual application stack directly into Skytap environments, and have Skytap automatically handle the configuration and setup

Customer Advisory Board Reveals Virtual Training Wins in the Cloud

Throughout the year, we host a series of Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meetings, where we invite customers from Skytap’s varied use cases in order to not just give and take feedback from our customers, but so they can also provide it their peers in their respective industries. Today we’re speaking with Director of Product Management

Skytap Whiteboard: Resolving SDLC Constraints with EaaS

Welcome to the Skytap Whiteboard series, where bold new ideas are sketched out — almost as fast as we make them into reality! Today’s episode, just under 6 minutes, is from our own George Stamos, giving you the quick scoop on how the “drift” between dev/test environments and conflicts over the few remaining available lab resources is

New Video Demo: Continuous Integration and Cloud IaaS with Skytap

​Most of our enterprise dev/test customers are either well underway, or embarking on some form of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery strategy to better automate the deployment of code changes and software updates at each phase of the development lifecycle. Common tooling choices here include Jenkins, Microsoft TFS, UrbanCode, CA Application Delivery, and many others. Many are

Customer Spotlight: WorkWise to Tap Into Skytap at Upcoming Conference

​On October 14-16, WorkWise will be hosting their annual customer conference at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. WorkWise has been a customer of ours for a long time, and they’re utilizing Skytap in a unique way at this year’s conference. I sat down with Carl Wysocki, WorkWise’s director of R&D Technology, and

Using the Skytap Automation Pack for IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Skytap recently announced the availability of the Skytap Automation Pack for IBM UrbanCode Deploy. This plugin adds functionality into the IBM UrbanCode Deploy Application Process web UI to create and manipulate templates and configurations in Skytap Cloud. While the functionality is focused at enabling continuous delivery activities, the functionality is not solely limited to use

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