Webinar On-Demand: Preparing for VMware Lab Manager End of Life

​ VMware’s Lab Manager has been an integral part of dev/test team workflows and processes for many years. As of May 2014, VMware has decided to end-of-life Lab Manager and this has left many customers scrambling to find a replacement or system to meet the needs currently served by Lab Manager. Lab Manager was such

Hey, Where Did My Lab Management Software Go?

​Remember the space called VLM? Virtual Lab Management? It was one of the next big things in IT about seven or eight years ago. If you could consolidate servers, desktop PCs, and software in VMs to make your data center way more efficient, why not virtualize all the development and test servers you need in

Webinar Recap: Achieve Continuous Integration/Delivery with HP, Jenkins, and Skytap

​In today’s hyper-competitive markets, businesses must constantly strive to develop, test, and release better software faster. One of the best ways we’ve found to make this difficult task possible is by embracing “continuity”—one of the decade’s fastest growing buzzwords. This means continuous testing, integration, and delivery.  This past Tuesday, we hosted a webinar with Orasi

Skytap Leadership at Upcoming Industry Events

In the coming months, Skytap leadership will be attending a number of industry events, including Agile 2013, VMworld, Camp IT, and STARWEST. The Skytap team will be providing live demonstrations of Skytap Cloud, including how our software is used by enterprise customers for development and testing, software demonstrations and evaluations, and virtual training environments. Agile

Companies Enjoying Big Success with Hybrid Cloud

The previous three posts in this series covered Is this the Start of a Hybrid Cloud Revolution?, How to Build a Hybrid Cloud, and What Does a Hybrid Cloud Look Like?. Even if you have been reading the series from the start, you may still be skeptical of hybrid cloud because it appears ‘bleeding edge’

Skytap Experts to Speak at Spring Development and Testing Conferences

This spring, Skytap experts will be discussing enterprise cloud computing trends and showcasing award-winning software at a number of industry events, including Camp IT, SharePointlandia, STAREAST, and IBM Innovate. We’ll provide live demonstrations of Skytap Cloud, including how our software is used by enterprise customers for development and testing, software demonstrations and evaluations, and virtual

SharePoint Development and Testing at SPTechCon San Francisco

​The Skytap team recently returned from SPTechCon in San Francisco—the conference for SharePoint administrators, IT professionals, business users, and developers who want to take advantage of technical classes, tutorials, and discussions with experts in the field. Several people who visited our booth and wanted to understand the ways in which Skytap Cloud could help accelerate

Getting an Integration Back on Track in 90 Seconds—Cloud Style

Building integration packs often requires that partners work closely to bring their products together. However, trying to get both parties together on a schedule can be tricky. Any hiccups along the way can quickly evolve from a few hours of lost time into a seriously long delay, which equals a ton of time in lost

Running a Successful Cloud Trial

Once you’ve made the critical decision that it’s time to partner with a cloud service provider, you will want to test the product with a trial. And to get prepared for the trial itself, there are several best practices that teams can implement. Things like setting your success criteria up front, putting together a schedule

Sales Engineers: Own Your Time and Leverage the Cloud

If you’re a sales engineer, you’re likely responsible for everything technical when selling your product or service. You work hand-in-hand with a sales counterpart, but let’s be honest—your load doesn’t feel any lighter. And since it’s the end of the year, you’re solely focused on closing that big deal. You barely have time to think—let

Best Practices for Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

Today we’re revisiting our series on the topic of choosing a cloud service provider. Many cloud providers have a hands-off approach to partnering with customers—so Alex Burreson, our West Coast Sales Manager, has provided his list of key questions to ask and successful habits to employ when making this crucial decision for your organization. There

CIO: 8 Best Cities to Find Cloud Computing Jobs

​When reading the CIO.com article 8 Best Cities to Find Cloud Computing Jobs, it was no surprise to see Seattle at the top of the list. From the article: “The IT landscape here consists mainly of large enterprise organizations and a vibrant startup community. Companies are searching for a bevy of different employees to fill

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