The Cloud … Now With More IaaS

Late last week, Derrick Harris, of tech industry watcher GigaOm, blogged that both Google and Microsoft are readying new entrants to compete in the ongoing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud arms race. While Harris’ sources in Mountain View and Redmond have “declined to comment” on the particulars, it doesn’t require a wild imagination to

George Carlin Would Have Loved Hybrid Clouds

George Carlin’s bit on the importance of “stuff” is a comedy classic. As human beings, we have an innate need to acquire, hold, move, and find places to put our stuff. In our personal and professional lives, acquiring stuff can give us a sense of accomplishment, security, and control. Historically, acquiring stuff has been common practice

Don’t Overspend Just Because It’s the Cloud

As momentum around cloud computing continues to drive adoption, it’s not surprising to start seeing more articles about the real costs. One such example is a recent posting I read on VentureBeat. Entitled New study finds small startups typically overspend on Amazon web services by 50% or more, the post recapped a study conducted by

Brett Goodwin to Speak at Cloud Fair 2012 – Seattle, WA

Brett Goodwin, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Skytap, will be speaking at two different events at Cloud Fair 2012 in Seattle, WA. On Wednesday, April 18 at 4pm, Brett’s topic will be Tips and Tricks for Rolling Out Applications Faster in the Cloud. And on Thursday, April 19 at 3pm, Brett will speak about

Skytap Nominated for WTIA Industry Achievement Awards

After the announcement of the Washington Technology Industry Association’s  (WTIA) 17th annual Industry Achievement Awards (IAA), Skytap is happy to be recognized as a finalist for the “Commercial Product or Service of the Year” category. The Industry Achievement Awards acknowledge the outstanding individuals, companies and students in the Washington state technology industry.  There are six

As Lab Manager Goes Away….

The big VMWorld 2011 event in Las Vegas is over – fortunately, my hotel room was not left with a goat, Mike Tyson, a lion sleeping on the bed or anything of the sort. Or, at least, that I’m aware of.  While it was a fantastic event, filled with a ton of excitement, the message

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