Using Skytap Webhooks with Microsoft Azure

The Skytap webhook service is a powerful feature, yet on first glance can be a bit intimidating. A webhook is a method used for one application to talk to another. In our case, the Skytap webhook service can send audit data and usage data to other applications. For example, suppose you want to be notified

Skytap Introduces VM host pinning

One of the biggest challenges IBM i (and certain AIX) customers have to deal with is software licensing. The licensing model, adopted by many solutions based on IBM’s Power platform, is steeped in legacy.  You see, back in the day, independent software vendors (ISVs) needed to protect their software from copying and unlicensed use. Before the proliferation of the Internet, there were few effective ways to track software usage.  The most common method

Skytap Virtual Labs Enable IBM’s First Remote Fast Start 2021

Since 2017, IBM has used Skytap to support its Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and sales demo activity for Fast Start. Fast Start is IBM’s annual conference to showcase new product solutions and train its technical seller community and partner network.  This year was the first time IBM ran the event entirely online, which drew more than

We’re partnering with Avanade to help IBM Power users unlock the benefits of Azure

Migrating to the cloud can be a daunting challenge for businesses worldwide that rely on IBM Power applications. The thought of re-platforming or re-architecting legacy applications for the cloud can be enough to stop a cloud initiative in its tracks. And many organizations that rely on business-critical apps running on IBM hardware have been challenged

Applying PTFs on Skytap IBM i LPARs

Keeping up with updates and hotfixes from software vendors can be a challenge, even more so in traditional computing environments like IBM i. Skytap maintains an updated set of public templates for all the versions that are available to customers. At the time of this blog post, Skytap supports IBM i versions 7.2, 7.3, and

Skytap on IBM Cloud provides PCI and ISO 27001 Compliance

Skytap is pleased to announce that we are on track to achieving compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 in Q1 2021. IBM clients will be able to run IBM Power, x86, and hybrid application workloads while ensuring their data is secured to internationally recognized standards. Skytap on

Share Templates in Skytap

Templates are a powerful concept within Skytap, allowing you to create a read-only instance of an environment, containing VMs, Networks, and settings, which can be instantly shared and deployed with others in your organization. Until recently, sharing templates with others outside your Skytap account required contacting Skytap support. But now you can share templates with

API Token Expiration and Rotation

Skytap’s REST API is an important tool to help you automate some of the management tasks associated with running your application in the cloud. Until now, the security tokens you used for secure API access had an unlimited lifespan, and token expiration was a manual process. Skytap has just introduce an API token expiration policy

Yet Another Reason to Buy Skytap on Azure: Complimentary Enterprise Support

We developed Skytap on Azure to make it easy for organizations to run IBM Power, IBM i, AIX and x86 workloads in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. Last year we announced our availability on the Azure Marketplace, making it much easier for you to get started with Skytap.   Now for a limited time, all customers

IBM Offers $500 Free Credit for New Skytap on IBM Cloud Users

IBM is now offering a $500 credit to new users of Skytap on IBM Cloud, allowing organizations to try out our service for free and see how moving traditional application to the cloud can accelerate innovation. For instance, this $500 credit is enough to create an application environment with up to 44GB of RAM and

Reserve Capacity in Skytap

Reserve Capacity in Skytap on Azure gives you a way to significantly reduce the cost of your Skytap subscription when you have regular, concurrent usage of compute or storage resources.  Once you’ve determined the level of resource usage you maintain month over month, you can request Reserve Capacity directly from within your Skytap subscription by

VM Import Azure Blob Storage with Skytap

Importing virtual machines (VMs) and logical partitions (LPARs) into Skytap is a key use case with customers importing hundreds of VMs each week. Moving VMs from on-premises into Skytap is an easy four step process:  High Level VM Import Process   We are excited to announce that we have enhanced the VM import to use