Linux on Power Export Scripts

Skytap has been supporting Power hardware in our cloud for a while now, but with the recent addition to support to Linux on Power, we’ve seen an increased interested for more ways to migrate Linux LPARs into Skytap.

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i

How to configure geographic mirroring between two nodes This post explains how to configure a basic two-node geographic mirroring environment within Skytap with an example. One of the best guides I have found for geographic mirroring is IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i: Using Geographic Mirroring. With the increasing business demands for application availability, enterprises are

Power and Terraform Enhancements

I’m excited to share two new updates for the Skytap Platform today. They improve our customers’ ability to manage large IBM Power workloads and add more features to our Terraform provider.
Skytap Live: January 28

You’re Invited! Join Us for Skytap Live

Save the Date: January 28, 2021 You’re invited! Join us for Skytap Live, an online event open to all Skytap customers. Hear about advancements to the Skytap platform made over the last year and about our 2021 roadmap. Agenda Time (PST) Event Speaker 8:00 AM (20 mins.) Welcome Keynote Brad Schick 8:20 AM (20 mins.)

Sending Skytap Platform logs to Azure Monitor

Customers typically want to consolidate their logging into a single platform, Azure lets you do this in Azure Monitor (or Azure Log Analytics Workspace) by using the Custom Logs option.

Red Hat OpenShift and Skytap

Hyperscale cloud is rapidly transforming business around the globe, driving growth and delivering new opportunities and new ways to expand and compete.

Introducing the Skytap Provider for HashiCorp Terraform

As more organizations adopt a multi-cloud strategy, enterprises are in search of the right cloud services to best suit business and application needs, while avoiding vendor lock-in. Gartner predicts, “By 2021, over 75% of midsize and large organizations will have adopted a multi-cloud and/or hybrid IT strategy.” Which is why — in our mission to

Voices of Skytap

At Skytap, we’re laser-focused on providing technology that makes our customers’ more  productive. We’re committed to ensuring that IT teams can keep up with the fast-evolving demands of business. It’s a world of cloud and apps and environments. But behind all the tech are real people making it happen. Though we know the diverse talent

Tech won’t solve your non-tech problems

In recent months, tech has become enamored with the latest in a long line of cloud buzzwords, in this case a hyphenate — multi-cloud. Multi-cloud is a good strategy — for all the reasons everyone is already talking about — flexibility, avoiding lock-in, using best of breed solutions, and so on. In fact, we’ve been

Don’t skip ahead to tomorrow’s tech before solving today’s modernization challenges

The tech industry has “thought leadership syndrome.” It’s a culture so intent on pontificating that we end up jumping to the “next big thing” before we ever master the current thing. Take containers as a prime example. We haven’t even come close to mainstream container adoption, in large part, because there are still so many

Why your legacy apps don’t need to stay in the past

Ask any nostalgist and they’ll tell you they don’t make things like they used to. Purchase a TV thirty years ago and you’d know it would last for many years. It seems applications developed back in the day also had staying power. I was speaking with a business the other day who said they were