Maximizing the Value of Self-paced Hands-on Learning with Interactive Lab Guides

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin spoke these words many years ago, but the value and benefit of learning-by-doing is still quite relevant today. Hands-on training increases engagement levels and enables students to interact directly with the subject matter that they’re learning.  The Value

Best of Skytap Live 2022

The second annual Skytap Live event occurred on March 23, 2022, and this year’s topics were diverse and informative. The event focused on empowering end-users by unlocking new and exciting capabilities, both from within the Skytap product itself, as well as from integrations with key Skytap technology partners. Skytap discussed its 2022 product roadmap, tackled

Hands-on Training: From Lectures to Learning by Doing

As the shift continues from in-person instruction to eLearning course offerings, many learning and development organizations are challenged with maintaining a high level of engagement with their students. The fact is, hands-on training is often the most effective method of training, but how do you deliver that virtually, at scale, and in the on-demand, self-paced

Struggling to Keep Virtual Training Engaging? Don’t Leave Out the Narrative [Podcast]

In this episode of The Skytap Podcast, we learn from Keith Quinn about the power of relatable, realistic, real-world narratives when used in virtual training courses. Keith is the learning & development manager (digital learning) at the Scottish Social Services Council and he recently presented his session, “Using Immersive Simulations to Develop Real-world Skills,” at

Delivering Speed & Agility in Virtual Training: The Skytap Podcast

We recently attended DevLearn 2016 and had the opportunity to interview a handful of the show’s most engaging speakers and we’re featuring two of them on this week’s episode of The Skytap Podcast. While many sessions at the show focused on new breakthroughs in wearables and virtual reality, we were really impressed by those that

How IBM Overcame Complex Technical Training Challenges in the Cloud

Effectively—and efficiently—delivering complex technical training to globally distributed teams is a major challenge for many in the enterprise. IBM delivers hundreds of scheduled events each week to more than two-thousand students a month. With the closing of a data center in France, Bob Blessing-Hartley, CTO for IBM Remote Labs, had to decide how to continue to deliver

Why Should We Move Our VMware Applications Off-premises? [Video]

Even with all of the gains in scalability that the cloud can bring to on-premises workloads, there are questions you should ask before beginning any migration. We recently published a Cloud Migration Guide to assist companies at the evaluation stage of making such a migration, and just last week, Skytap cloud solution architect Ralph Capasso

Self-paced Training Dominates Recent B2B Learn Roundtable

Some of our favorite events in 2016 have been the B2B Learn technical training roundtables that we’ve held in cities around the US. These discussions have been a great opportunity for members of the training community to collaborate with each other—and without getting any sales pitch from us. I had the privilege of moderating our

Why Training Organizations Must Combat Continental Drift [Podcast]

While combatting continental drift in the true geographic sense would be foolish, working to turn the tides that have pushed departmental continents away from each other is mandatory for meeting today’s business demands. And no department has perhaps drifted further away from the rest of Pangea as training/learning and development. Our special guest on this week’s

Upcoming Technical Training Roundtables: You’re Invited!

Skytap is getting ready to hit the road to participate in B2B Learn: two roundtable discussions around today’s key trends, challenges, and best practices in technical training, and we’d love for you to join us! These sales-pitch-free events are an awesome opportunity to learn with your peers, Skytap principal product manager Seth Payne, and current training

Baking Quality into Virtual Training [Podcast]

We talk all the time about the real cost of poor quality software making it to production, but what about the equally negative impact that poor quality can have in the delivery of virtual training? EnCompass senior instructional technology specialist, Nina Talley, sat down with us to share some actions that can—and should—be taken before your

Do Your eLearning Metrics Prove Business Impact? Why Not? [Podcast]

For this week’s episode of The Skytap Virtual Training Podcast, we sat down with Clark Quinn at the 2016 Learning Solutions Conference and Expo after attending his session, “Measurement Matters: The How and Why of eLearning Metrics.” Learn why Clark believes “L&D has the opportunity to be the most valuable part of your business” and

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