Helping Business and Training See Eye to Eye [Podcast]

We sat down with CentralKnowledge, Inc. President, Ajay Pangarkar, at Training 2016 to discuss the disconnect that often exists between “the business” and training departments. In this episode of The DevHops Podcast, Ajay offers some excellent tips for trainers looking to avoid over-promising a training ROI to finance professionals, and how to deliver learning that

Making Self-directed Training Accessible and Learner-centric

We’re taking a bit of a departure from the normal theme of The DevHops Podcast to focus on virtual training! Shannon Tipton sat down with us at Training 2016 to give us a preview of her session, “Creating Your 21st Century Toolbox.” Shannon explained how the modernization of training involves using traditional tools in a

Self-Directed Training at CA Technologies

Lots of heat generated by our Virtual Training Lab solution right now at Skytap. A big Training 2016 show going on, a new LMS partnership announced today and more. Sticking to this theme, what makes this CA Education case study so interesting? A global enterprise software company like CA Technologies has hundreds of hands-on classes to offer

CAworld 2015 Day “Zero” Report: Disruptingly Disruptive

I’ve been here at CAworld’15 just getting set up to talk about environments prior to the main event days, and everywhere you look, you see the theme of the company this year: Digital Disruption. In CA CEO Mike Gregoire’s opening partner reception, he positioned competitiveness for businesses today as primarily driven by software. I think

Customer Success Series: Informatica’s Scalable Stellar Customer Experience

We’re presenting a collection of stories on the awesome gains in scalability and efficiency, and reductions in costs and constraints that our customers shared with us at our recent Customer Advisory Board meeting. Informatica senior manager of global education services, Alex Gurevich quickly pointed out one of our favorite qualities of Skytap—that the benefits and

Customer Success Series: GE Healthcare Dramatically Expands Global Training

At our most recent Customer Advisory Board meeting (see our CAB recap here), we sat down with Douglas McKelvey, Training and Services Readiness Manager at GE Healthcare, to learn how Skytap has helped his team increase the effectiveness of their training “100 fold” and take their classes for medical imaging software to a global audience.

CAB Recap Fall 2015: Customer Collaboration Drives Innovation

We recently wrapped up two great day-and-a-half sessions of the Skytap Customer Advisory Board (or “Skytap CAB”) here by the waterfront in lovely Seattle. One session specifically for Dev/Test solution customers and another for Training/Demo customers, each of which have unique use cases and concerns. Collaboration with customers is a huge part of Skytap’s culture,

3-Minute Video & Demo: Virtual Training Labs

Fall is the time some of us think about back-to-school activities. But here at Skytap, we’re thinking about the Education Services groups that teach hands-on software to employees and partners using Virtual Training Labs, or “Classrooms-in-a-Box.” So we just did this 3-Minute video that will give you a quick overview and a little demonstration of

Skytap Data Consumption Reduced by How Much?

One of the coolest parts about working at Skytap is that people here are really excited about what our engineering team is building. I love when someone scours the newest release notes, or has been working closely with the engineering team to help deliver an exciting new feature—and then cannot wait to spread the word

New VM Display Feature Conserves Bandwidth, Preserves Quality

In our early-April release, Skytap introduced a new feature to the single-vm toolbar: VM Display Quality Settings. These quality settings allow users to conserve bandwidth by selecting a lower display quality when appropriate and/or necessary. In addition to offering multiple display options, Skytap has adjusted the compression method used by the single-VM view. This means

Customer Advisory Board Reveals Virtual Training Wins in the Cloud

Throughout the year, we host a series of Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meetings, where we invite customers from Skytap’s varied use cases in order to not just give and take feedback from our customers, but so they can also provide it their peers in their respective industries. Today we’re speaking with Director of Product Management

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