Tenable Scales its Virtual Training with Cloud Automation, Part 2

In Part 1 of the Tenable case study, we learned that as the training demand at Tenable Network Security grew rapidly, IT could no longer effectively service the Training Organization, so the business needed to look for alternatives. After exploring its options, Tenable chose to support its training classes using Skytap Cloud. The result is

Tenable Scales its Virtual Training with Cloud Automation, Part 1

Founded in 2002, Tenable Network Security developed its Unified Security Monitoring platform based on the company’s award-winning Nessus scanner for securing enterprise networks worldwide. Nessus is the most widely distributed and utilized vulnerability scanner in the world. The company makes Nessus available to the general public as a free download and provides updates for the

Running a Successful Cloud Trial

Once you’ve made the critical decision that it’s time to partner with a cloud service provider, you will want to test the product with a trial. And to get prepared for the trial itself, there are several best practices that teams can implement. Things like setting your success criteria up front, putting together a schedule

Best Practices for Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

Today we’re revisiting our series on the topic of choosing a cloud service provider. Many cloud providers have a hands-off approach to partnering with customers—so Alex Burreson, our West Coast Sales Manager, has provided his list of key questions to ask and successful habits to employ when making this crucial decision for your organization. There

CIO: 8 Best Cities to Find Cloud Computing Jobs

​When reading the CIO.com article 8 Best Cities to Find Cloud Computing Jobs, it was no surprise to see Seattle at the top of the list. From the article: “The IT landscape here consists mainly of large enterprise organizations and a vibrant startup community. Companies are searching for a bevy of different employees to fill

Virtual Training Success Stories in the Cloud

Last week in the blog piece Are We There Yet? Getting from Traditional to Virtual Training, I talked about how the on-demand nature of cloud computing has given instructors access to large, shared pools of virtual machines that can be accessed whenever and wherever they are required. Using self-service classroom management applications, instructors and lab

Are We There Yet? Getting from Traditional to Virtual Training.

As the challenges facing training organizations continue to grow, companies must find ways to provide software and technical training for employees and customers with significantly reduced budgets. To address these pressures, many training organizations have looked to online learning to solve cost and location challenges. However, implementing effective distance learning and reducing costs isn’t simple.

OSIsoft Extends IT Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud

Development, test, and QA teams are under constant pressure to develop, test, and deploy software applications faster. And there are myriad reasons for businesses to encourage and support this continuous process improvement, as teams that achieve these efficiencies will end up with a competitive edge. the industry standard in enterprise infrastructure, OSIsoft—makers of the PI

VMworld: Expanding our Collective Vision

​The Skytap team is looking forward to VMworld in San Francisco. That’s actually a bit of an understatement. Not only is it a great opportunity for education, collaboration, and networking with other professionals working in cloud computing, it’s a chance to catch up and talk about the industry with associates and colleagues we may only work

Virtual Training: How to Run a Successful Cloud Trial

​Having personally helped hundreds of companies evaluate Skytap as a virtual training cloud provider, I wanted to pass along my top 3 habits for running a successful cloud trial. If you worked through the suggestions in my previous blog piece: Questions to Ask When Vetting a Cloud Service Provider, you will have a foundation to

Gearing up for VMworld 2012

​VMworld 2012 is being held in San Francisco at the Moscone Center from August 26 to 30. The event is billed as an opportunity for education, collaboration, and networking — and is an excellent resource for companies who need to spend less time and money supporting underlying IT infrastructure and more time on areas that

Skytap Surpasses 200 Enterprise Customers

​Today, we are proud to announce that over 200 enterprise customers, including Trek Bicycles, Trend Micro, and WorkWise, are using our intuitive public and hybrid cloud solutions for development and testing, virtual technical training, and software demonstrations. Customers turn to Skytap Cloud for a fast, easy, and secure way to move dynamic workloads to the

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