Cloud migration myths and facts webinar

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Cloud Migration Myths and Facts

Much has been written and said about IBM Power and the journey to the cloud. Does it have to be complicated? Can it be done without refactoring? The answers to these cloud migration questions and others might surprise you. Watch our on-demand webinar.

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Blueworx Customer Story | Demo

Blueworx provides Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions to major businesses worldwide. Its technology allows enterprises to scale on-demand for thousands of incoming and outbound customer calls every second.

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Schneider Electric

Andrew Garbutt, instructional designer for Schneider Electric talking about how Skytap virtual training environments enabled the global growth of his company’s education services through remote learning.

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Informatica Case Study: Skytap

Hear Alex Gurevich, lead instructional manager at Informatica, talk about how the company automates and delivers complex virtual training environments via Skytap Environments as a Service.

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Skytap for App Dev & Test

Skytap lets you supercharge your traditional applications with cost-effective cloud capabilities. And by incorporating agile development practices into your software development workflow, you can improve the frequency and quality of releases.

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Skytap on Azure

With Skytap, your traditional workloads — AIX, IBM i, Linux on IBM Power, and x86 — can run natively in the cloud on Microsoft Azure.

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