“Skytap has raised the bar of effectiveness of our training 100 fold; the reach of our training is now global. When we go to the customer environment, they’re actually dealing with GE products as if they were in their own facility.”Douglas McKelvey, Training & Services Readiness Manager at GE Healthcare
  • Training was limited to the United States and Canada—even as a global company
  • The need to reduce in-residence training sessions to meet economic goals
  • Inability to provide effective hands-on training for complex products
  • Difficult to collaborate easily with dev/test teams, instructors, and field engineers
  • Import complete medical application suites into Skytap
  • Admins deliver access to student labs anywhere in the world with Published URLs
  • Students use multi-screen medical interfaces and imaging hands-on through a remote virtual desktop
  • Global expansion of training classes, without having to provision, ship or stand-up hardware
  • Reduction of in-residence training sessions, and new instructor-led and self-directed class options
  • Students learn more efficiently through interactive hands-on labs than in previous view-only methods of instruction

GE Healthcare provides medical services and technologies to healthcare professionals and patients in more than 100 countries. For all of the IT systems within a hospital, everything from electronic medical records, and images and x-rays, to prenatal heartbeat monitoring, and the machinery that records, stores, and provides invaluable data — GE Healthcare provides it all.

The company’s vision for the future involves, “continuously developing innovations focused on reducing costs, increasing access, and improving quality around the world.” This requires protecting patient data, and effectively training dedicated healthcare leaders on complex, state-of-the-art GE Healthcare equipment and software. To accomplish this, GE Healthcare has turned to Skytap to help increase the effectiveness of their training initiatives, and to help them expand their reach from the US and Canada to a global scale.


Douglas McKelvey leads the training and organizational readiness team at GE Healthcare IT and is focused on two areas. One, providing training to GE Healthcare employees and its customers, and two, ensuring that his team can actually install and support new product releases by working in parallel with engineering to test releases and documentation.

“We have very integrated solutions that tie multiple components together,” says McKelvey. “This allows students to actually see how they interact, and to be able to deal with the integration between different products. The systems we train on and utilize are very complex.”

Like most training departments, GE Healthcare is working to increase the quality and scope of their training, while decreasing the cost to do so. This has led to the company trying to reduce the number of in-residence training sessions. These sessions require travel costs for instructors, hardware shipping costs, and the time spent setting up and troubleshooting that hardware. “Even if we did bring someone into GE Healthcare training centers, training was essentially limited to watching a PowerPoint, or a WebEx demo,” says, McKelvey. “But, when you’re dealing with the complexity of our technology, hands-on is really the only way people actually learn.”

Lastly, due to the requirement and costs of provisioning, shipping, and standing up physical hardware internationally, McKelvey’s team was limited to offering training only within North America. “Our global training content would’ve also been inconsistent with what we developed and offered in North America,” says McKelvey.


Skytap now plays a key role in GE Healthcare’s efforts to “shape a new age of patient care” through their innovative medical technologies and services. As these products and services are released, Skytap ensures that GE Healthcare employees and customers have access to the level of training they need in order to begin providing outstanding service to medical professionals and patients around the globe.


GE Healthcare utilizes their own training centers to give students more than a shorter trip and less time away from home and the office; students are now able to complete virtual instructor-led and self-directed classes that improve their overall learning experience. Skytap gives administrators and instructors the ability to rapidly create virtual lab environments and customize the student experience with API integrations to LMS and portal systems, and students get hands-on, realistic training by working with complete, current software lab environments.


As business scales, so does the need to provide the same level of training and support to customers and employees distributed around the globe as those in your own headquarters. After making the move to Skytap, GE Healthcare went from being restricted to providing training only within the United States and Canada, to now offering virtual training in Europe and Africa. Skytap virtual training labs solves what has been a huge dilemma for training managers for years: delivering fast, easy, and secure training on a global scale, while lowering costs and IT resource needs.


Skytap Environments-as-a-Service (EaaS) are a must for any team struggling with constraints and bottlenecks around environment provisioning. GE Healthcare field engineers get a sandbox to test a script, field trainers can re-familiarize themselves with a product before meeting with customers, and support professionals can hone their skills. “Everyone here understands the value of Skytap,” says McKelvey. Skytap on-demand environments bring your core business applications in line with your efforts to deliver innovative software faster, with better quality and efficiency.

“Everyone here understands the value of Skytap. It’s not just training but it’s the support environments, the ad hoc environments so people can hone their skills. It’s all things that Skytap has enabled for us. I’m probably getting a half dozen requests on a weekly basis from completely disparate parts of the business that want to get and use Skytap environments.”Douglas McKelvey, Training & Services Readiness Manager at GE Healthcare