Software Delivery Assessment and Recommendations

We assess the current state of your software delivery lifecycle and compare it against the best practices of industry leaders. This comparison delivers actionable recommendations for implementing techniques and processes that will improve your delivery capabilities. Our plan will cost-effectively address your current and future requirements by assessing the entire software development lifecycle:

  • Requirements capture and collaboration
  • Infrastructure and architecture
  • Development processes (Agile, DevOps, etc.)
  • Code management
  • Automation strategies
  • Path to production – current to future

Comprehensive Environments Planning

From fast, low-fidelity environment versions for early and sub-systems testing, to high-fidelity clones of full-scale production, organizations require a variety of environment models to efficiently support development and testing.

Our consultants will complete a full environment requirement analysis, delivering a set of documented Skytap Cloud environments that map to your specific needs. We’ll also give you the knowledge and tactics to modify or create new environments yourself as future needs dictate.

DevOps Workshops and Consulting

Our remote and on-site DevOps workshops focus on leading the change DevOps requires. We’ll help you to make the cultural changes that underpin faster release cycles with higher-quality code. Our consultants have helped drive many successful DevOps transformations through the adoption of:

  • Infrastructure as code and on-demand environments
  • Continuous integration as a way of life
  • Trunk-based development and code switches
  • Automation approaches at every step of the process
  • Docker/Containers in development and operations
  • Environment setup and configuration management
  • Best practices for continuous delivery
  • Cultural goals and strategies for change

Successful Approaches to Application Modernization

Organizations looking to meet today’s—and tomorrow’s—business demands understand that the traditional applications at the heart of business must be up to this challenge. Our consultants will explain and demonstrate proven approaches to an incremental and low-risk style of modernization that preserves business-critical aspects of your traditional applications, while adopting modern processes and architectures that build resiliency and reliability. With this professional service, you’ll learn how to adopt:

  • Modern application architectures
  • Effective monitoring and site reliability approaches
  • Microservices and containers in combination with traditional applications
  • Orchestration of modern systems with Kubernetes or other orchestration tools
  • Cloud-agnostic, fully scalable application platforms

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