Complete your Sales Message with Demos Powered by the Cloud

Your customers expect customized demonstrations that go off without a hitch. But building and sharing enterprise-grade demo environments is difficult and time-consuming, and it often means having to share a single demo environment with multiple salespeople. Skytap makes delivering sales demos easier than ever with its self-service approach to environments on-demand, allowing the sales team to focus on the customer and not on managing the demo.

Reliable and Reproducible Demo Environment Deployment

Skytap’s rapid deployment of complex environments allows sales teams to deploy a new demo environment for every meeting, ensuring the demo behaves the same way each time it is run. Using Skytap to host demo environments:

  • Gives sales teams two-click access to a new demo environment
  • Enables a demo environment to live within the sales cycle by suspending it until it is needed again
  • Allows sales teams to use sharing portals to access environments from any network with Internet access
  • Makes it easier to roll out updated demos because all sales environments are managed from a central location

Custom Leave-Behind Demo Environments

A lot of effort goes into building custom demonstrations for your customers. Skytap makes it easier to build these custom demonstrations and gives you the ability to leave access to the environment with the customer so that they can continue to experience your product. Skytap makes this possible by:

  • Enabling rapid environment build-out using the Skytap Public Template Library where many open source tools and OSs can be added to a custom demo environment in seconds
  • Providing timed access to the entire demo environment or just a subset using sharing portals
  • Leaving control of the environment in the hands of your sales team

Cost Control

Providing multiple cloud demo environments to every member of your sales team might sound cost-prohibitive. However, Skytap is built with the following powerful feature set to ensure that only environments being used count against usage:

  • Environment suspend captures memory, disk, screen, and network state so that a user picks right back up from where they left off before the suspend happened
  • Auto-suspend detects when an environment hasn’t be utilized for a configurable amount of time and automatically suspends it
  • Scheduling allows for single and recurring environment operations to be set, letting users create, delete, run, suspend, and shut down environments automatically
  • Quotas ensure that sales team members give back the environments that are no longer needed, preventing sprawl

Key Features

Sales demos can make or break an opportunity. Skytap provides the repeatability needed to ensure that sales demos behave the same way each and every time.

Enable users to create the environments they need without waiting

Predictable Spend
Allow for easier IT budgeting with a
subscription approach to cloud

Don’t pay for cloud resources when they aren’t being used

Sharing Portals
Provide highly configurable access to environments through a single URL

Avoid paying for infrastructure that supports your high-water mark of utilization

VMX Imports
Directly import VMware virtual machines and vApps, allowing for fast application onboarding

Template Library
Use the Skytap Public Template Library or curate your own to provide quick and easy access to additional VMs and tools

Eliminate VM sprawl by holding users accountable