[SAY]: Thank you for calling IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions Support. My name is [SAY YOUR NAME]. May I have your name and phone number in case we get disconnected?
[SAY]: Can you tell me what ICSS customer account you are working with?
[SAY]: May I also have your email address so the Support Engineers can find your ICSS Account?
[SAY]: Can you provide me with a few details about the issue you are experiencing?

[NOTE TO ANSWER CONNECT CALL REP]:Please add contact preference (phone or email) into "Description"If preference is by email - verify email address above is the correct address for contact purposes

[SAY]: Thank you for that information. I am now opening a ticket for you with our Support Engineers. Please hold on for just a moment while I complete my notes.

[NOTE TO ANSWER CONNECT CALL REP]: IF the customer issue is related to one of the following types of issues, please select "Severity 1" from the pull-down menu below:

Severity 1 Examples:
  • Trouble turning Virtual Machine/Environment on or off (i.e., it's "frozen" or "spinning" or "stuck" for a really long time)
  • Can't load ICSS website (https://cloud.skytap.com)
For ALL OTHER issues and topics, please select "Severity 2"

If Severity 1:[SAY]: I am opening an emergency Severity 1 ticket and an Engineer will be contacting you within the next 30 minutes. Would you prefer to be contacted by email or phone?

If Severity 2:[SAY]: I am opening a ticket with our Support Team and have included the details you have provided me in the ticket. Would you prefer to be contacted by email or phone?

[NOTE TO ANSWER CONNECT CALL REP]: Do Not hit submit more than once, otherwise you will submit 2 tickets.

[NOTE TO ANSWER CONNECT CALL REP]:Below are our response times based upon severity level (if a customer asks when they are likely to be contacted):
Severity 1: 30 minutes (24x7x365)
Severity 2 (Enterprise Support): 4 hours, Sunday 10PM PT through Friday 8PM PT