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The new world of “remote work only” has thrown everyone for a loop. Daily life is no longer as easy as it once was. Yet you still need to get in front of your teams, customers and students. This is where Skytap and Course Manager can help. Skytap is a cloud service, ideal for technical training labs. By adding Course Manager to a Skytap subscription, lab delivery is easy and scalable to cater to a growing range of remote users. Learn more here about using Skytap and Course Manager.

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Flexible, end-to-end virtual lab management solution so you can build, deliver and manage sophisticated, performant training labs in real time. Learn more.


Labs can be up and running in a matter of days and updated as often as you want, on a self-service basis, so you’re always in control.


With Skytap, Qlik reduced time to deploy classes by 97% and cut infrastructure costs by 65%, freeing up budget for further development. Learn how.


Summer Promotion – Up to 50% Off
When you get Course Manager by Skytap by October 1, 2020

  • On-boarding fee reduced to $2,500 ($2,500 savings).
  • Course Manager free for 3 months up to a maximum value of $1,500.

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Offer valid for New Customers. Expires October 1, 2020.
Full terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of this page.



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Terms and Conditions

  • One package per customer except in Skytap’s sole and absolute discretion. 
  • Package available to:
    • New customers or former customers returning after at least ninety (90) days since the expiration of their last subscription to the same service.
    • Package is not available to companies or other entities that are affiliated through majority ownership and control with an existing Skytap customers.
  • Package must be purchased directly from Skytap (not via a reseller or other partner).
  • Package Maximum Total Value: $4,000.
  • Course Manager requires a 12-month commitment.
  • Package offer valid until 10/1/2020; must become a Skytap customer before 10/1/2020 PST.