Skytap on Azure

Run Traditional Workloads on Azure

Skytap on Azure is a cloud service purpose-built to natively run traditional systems including AIX, IBM i, and Linux on IBM Power together with x86 workloads. Our extensible application environments are compatible with on-premises data centers, simplifying migration and providing teams self-service access to develop, deploy, and accelerate innovation for even the most complex applications.

We recognize that enterprises have many critical systems that were not designed with the cloud in mind. Skytap’s ability to migrate and run these applications natively in Microsoft Azure with minimal changes accelerates cloud adoption. Once running in Microsoft Azure businesses can enhance traditional systems with cloud native services, opening new options for innovation and delivery of customer value.Eric Lockard, Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Azure Dedicated

Use Skytap on Azure to run traditional business critical applications, provide cloud high availability and disaster recovery, deliver virtual training labs and demonstrations, and accelerate application delivery through development and test teams. We unlock the benefits of the cloud for traditional applications including shifting from CapEx to OpEx, capacity on-demand, increased delivery velocity and test coverage, and reduced infrastructure costs, enabling businesses to accelerate their journey to the cloud and increase innovation.

Skytap on Azure is available in East US, other regions to be announced in 2020.

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Skytap on Azure

Rapidly migrate IBM Power systems to Azure, run them alongside x86 components, and integrate with cloud-native services from Azure, extending the value delivered to your business and customers.

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IBM Power Systems

For AIX, IBM i, and Linux applications, there hasn’t been a clear path to the public cloud. With Skytap, businesses can now rapidly migrate IBM Power-based applications to Azure.

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Skytap on Azure Press Release

Skytap on Azure is now publicly available in Azure’s East US with plans to expand to West Europe, South Central US, and Southeast Asia. Dates to be announced.

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