Focus on Environments, Not Infrastructure

Most cloud providers sell infrastructure. Skytap provides environments. By encapsulating the complexity of the enterprise environment into a single object, the true power of Skytap emerges. Infrastructure, networking, OS, software, storage, and memory state are combined into a single entity and made available to any user at any time.

Skytap ensures that each copy of an environment is exactly the same as its parent, right down to the IP and MAC addresses.

Skytap environments are copied and provisioned in minutes, drastically improving on IaaS automation that often takes hours to complete.

Ease of Use
From import or build-out through provisioning, Skytap is built with usability and self-service in mind, with little to no training required.

Automating IaaS

To achieve automated delivery of environments using IaaS, companies invest in subject matter experts, automation tools, script development, and ongoing script maintenance. These costs pile up and wipe out the savings achieved by moving to IaaS. With Skytap, the same level of automation comes out of the box and with even higher consistency and faster speed.

Infrastructure as Code
Tools like Puppet, Chef and Ansible ensure consistency between each environment. However, frequent provisioning can take a long time and can become a bottleneck. Skytap is complementary to configuration management tools and adds cloning capabilities to reduce time and rework.

Existing Processes and Tooling
With Skytap, customers can continue to use their existing business processes and tooling. Skytap makes it easy to integrate with other tools, whether they were built using custom development or if they were vendor-supplied. Whether using open source plugins or Skytap’s RESTful API, integration is quick and easy.

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Key Features

Skytap’s environment-centric approach is the foundation of what makes it so powerful and easy to use. Eliminating the need to procure additional tooling and expertise to automate IaaS allows project resources to focus on adding business value to the applications under development. Below are some of the many features that Skytap combines with the power of environments-as-a-service to create the global public cloud designed specifically for the enterprise.

Environment Templates
Capture, version, and share complex environments with all or a subset of account users

Use one of the many open source Skytap integrations or make your own with the RESTful API

Copy complex environments with their state using two mouse clicks

Template Library
Use the Skytap Public Template Library or curate your own to provide quick and easy access to additional VMs and tools

Integrate with your existing business processes and tooling

Software-Defined Networking
Support complex networking requirements with true layer 2 networking

Inter-Configuration Network Routing (ICNR)
Connect multiple Skytap Environments to each other with ease

Network Address Translation (NAT)
Use NAT to enable hybrid cloud without the configuration drift